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Ginger helps relieve nausea. Many women sip Ginger Ale or eat Ginger Snap cookies. If you do not like the taste of Ginger Snaps, buy ground ginger and put in your food when you are cooking, or you can fill Gelatin capsules (get them at the drug store) with ground ginger and take like medicine (check with your doctor to be sure it is okay for you). There are also Ginger candies (often found in Asian markets) and Crystallized ginger in the spice section of the grocery store to eat like candy. Some women say that even just sniffing fresh ginger slices helps.

Chicken stock or broth can be made or bought canned and add quarter sized pieces of fresh ginger (start with four quarter sized round slices and then adjust by taste for more or less ginger flavor) and simmer the broth until the ginger slices have turned a darker color. You may also want to add some lemon grass stems for more flavor. Make this ahead and freeze in ice cube trays so you can make a cup in the microwave with one or two cubes whenever you feel the nausea.

If you like sweeter things, then make ginger tea with water and ginger slices plus honey (or sweetener or sugar) and a twist of lemon to sip. It can also be made ahead and kept in refrigerator to sip cold or reheat in the microwave. Honey is fine for moms-to-be to eat, you have developed the antibodies that are needed to be able to safely eat honey, but it is not something to give a child until at least one year old. Your unborn baby will not be harmed if you eat honey.

Heartburn and indigestion occurs generally in the first trimester and the last trimester. It's very common. The best thing you can do is to start eating smaller/lighter meals and not lie down for at least a half hour after eating, keeping head up on two pillows instead of flat. Many doctors recommend Tums to relieve acid indigestion. Or you could try some of the products for nausea that contain ginger, like Gingera. Ginger has known to help relieve the nausea and indigestion from morning sickness and indigestion in pregnancy, plus motion sickness and sea sickness. There are also wrist bands for sea sickness that use acupressure to stop nausea that many pregnant women have found helpful. Sniff or suck on a slice of lemon or eat soda crackers or saltines to help keep your blood sugar from being too low. Other foods many women suggest are: salty potato chips, pretzels, Popsicles, gelatin desserts, watermelon, sips of lemonade.

If you let foods cool from cooking temperatures to room temperature before serving, since foods have less aroma at that temperature than when hot.

See the related question below: "Why does eating a protein meal late at night prevent morning sickness?" Other contributors have said:

* There is always the "eat crackers before you get out of bed" thing. For me this did not work. I wore sea bands for most of my pregnancy and they worked pretty well. You can buy them in just about any drug store where they have motion sickness medicine. They are little stretchy bands with little plastic balls on them that you wear on your wrists. The little ball pushes something in your wrist that short circuits the message to your brain to be sick. They work really well. Other things that helped me were sucking on lemon slices (sounds awful, but really helps!) and eating dry Cheerios. I kept Cheerios next to my bed for months. Also try to eat them right before you go to sleep and if you get up during the night, try to eat a handful. This almost always prevented sickness the next morning. * Although they taste sour and not sweet, lemons actually have more sugar than many other sweeter tasting fruits. The sweet flavored foods often add to nausea in morning sickness, so that is why lemons can work so well. Some women find salty flavored foods are better. Cheerios, like saltine crackers, are another source of a fast acting carbohydrate that converts quickly in your body to raise your blood sugar, but does not taste too sweet. See the related question below about proteins and morning sickness.

* Many moms swear that ginger helps alleviate the nausea that comes with pregnancy. Eat anything with ginger in it, such as ginger cookies, hard ginger candy or crystallized ginger. Drinking ginger tea is also great, calming your stomach naturally. Just break a piece of fresh ginger root, grate and put in hot water. There are also ginger capsules sold today. Check with your doctor first to be sure that taking this supplement is okay for you. == == * Morning sickness can be prevented by eating plain crackers before even sitting up in bed. Crystallized ginger pieces are good to keep in your hand bag to prevent nausea, as a handy snack. Ginger tea and honey is also very effective. * If you dwell on the fact that you feel ill, you will continue to feel that way, try to distract yourself from it. * Avoid being at your PC for too long, the refresh flicker on the screen is known to cause morning sickness in some people. * Try yogurt, ice cream, apple sauce, and baked potatoes which are also great options. * If you don't like ginger, try a little apple cider vinegar in water with a little honey. This is also very effective. * Saltine crackers and 7-up. Leave some on the bedside table and nibble a few before you even get up. * I found ginger very effective, either plain ginger or ginger beer. A proper one though not ginger flavor soda.

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Q: What can you do to cure morning sickness?
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Morning sickness results from hormones that elevate during pregnancy. There are a variety of home remedies that are said to help cure morning sickness. However, doctors now also can prescribe drugs similar to those taken by chemo patients in order to help resolve the ill feeling.

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Morning sickness results from hormones that elevate during pregnancy. There are a variety of home remedies that are said to help cure morning sickness. However, doctors now also can prescribe drugs similar to those taken by chemo patients in order to help resolve the ill feeling.

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