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What can you do to determine why your 2001 Chevrolet Silverado pickup will not start at times?


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2006-02-22 08:08:06
2006-02-22 08:08:06

Something should be showing up with the diagnostics- take your vehicle to a parts store and ask them to check for codes. the problem stems from chevy's fuel pumps especially from 1994-present. next time you encounter a no-start check the pump operation by first turning the key off then turning it back on without cranking,you should hear your pump hum as it pressurizes the line if you dont hear it.....erratic pump failure wich will not show up in the obd-2 scan. i have owned two chevys.and in my 97 model and 2000 model i have had to clean my fuel injectors.


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First thing that comes to mind, fuel pump.

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Could be many things but a plugged up fuel filter is where I would start.

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The engine will smother down as if running out of fuel. When the fuel pump went out on my pickup, is just randomly quit. It worked fine one day, and when I went out to start it again, it would not start.

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