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Some people just don't grow a lot of facial hair. You are probably just one of them. But shaving a lot does make it grow in thicker. But if you are one of those people who aren't going to have hair, not much is going to work. You should feel a little bit lucky, some men have to shave every day or have major stubble. I can't imagine they enjoy that too much.

Shaving definitely causes the hair to grow in thicker on your beard. My uncle told me years ago that the way he grew a thicker beard was to shave his face in opposite directions each and every time he shaved. He told me to shave from top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right and then right to get the picture.

I was 12 when he told me this and at that time, I was already pretty hairy!! I did this for weeks before I started noticing a difference. I had a FULLY grown beard by the age of 15 and have had one since.

I am now 39 yrs old, have facial hair like barbed wire....hate shaving....and am considering laser removal.

Actually, there is nothing that you can do to speed up the process of growing a beard except taking hormones. Which, unless u have a hormone imbalance, would probably not be a good idea.

Many people believe that shaving more often can increase the thickness or your beard, but shaving more does not speed up the process.

Take a look at the hair on your arms. All the hairs are thick at the base and then cone down to a small ending. Shaving causes your hair to be cut off at the base, where the hair is thickest. When the hair grows in the entire hair is as thick as the base, causing an illusion of a thicker beard.

If you cant grow your beard now be patient. Some guys faces are not able to grow a beard until their late twenties or thirties.

Ivan Pinney

I agree with Ivan, the myth of shaving is alive because no one has shaved only half of their face to test it, and each person is different. However, I disagree with Ivans thicker at base idea because your arm hair has a natural length, but your beard like your head, continues to grow. I've had a beard since I was 18 (I'm 39). For most of the 20 years, I shaved only my neck to make my beard trimmed up, leaving my face alone. After 20 years, you'd think my neck would be thick, but now that I have a goatee and shave my face and neck, they are the same. It'll grow however your genes tell it to grow, affected by hormones. Don't worry, most people want less hair these days, not more.

I've shaved half my face for 2 months then shaved both sides, the results proved the myth true in my case. My side I had shaved more often grew back not only quicker and thicker, but in red (my head's hair color) instead of blonde which is what a lot of my facial hair comes out to be, and what that area previously was.

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Q: What can you do to facilitate the growth of your beard?
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As for substances, no. However, sustained anticipation for a sexual partner in preparation for intercourse has shown to increase the rate (but not area) of beard growth.

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Average beard growth for a full grown male is around 0.5 inches per month. I'm 15 and am at 0.45 inches per month.

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An old myth is to shave more often, but really only time affects it. A man's beard is i constant growth, usually not fully mature until age thirty or later.

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Diet with a good amount of protein and relaxed lifestyle are really helpful for growth of beard.

If you put onion juice on your face will it make your beard grow faster?

if u hav beard already, then it causes inc in rate of growth.

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Unfortunately there isn't any way to get your beard to grow faster - the growth rate is genetically determined. However, you may be able to create the impression of faster beard growth by maximizing the strength of your beard hairs. You can do this by eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and staying adequately hydrated - similar to what is recommended for women who want fuller, softer and stronger hair.

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You are 17 years old you can grow your mustache and few beard on chin and neck is there any way to get your beard full?

Shaving even if you don't need it yet is supposed to stimulate growth.

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You need to shave your beard daily in order to promote new growth.

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