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GET HELP! Talk to an adult you trust - a teacher, pastor, counselor at school, relative, call Child Abuse USA at 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453). There are people who would love to help you.

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Q: What can you do to get out of your house and live with a friend in the state of Georgia if you are 17 years old and are being abused by your parents and cannot emancipate yourself?
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Should teens be allowed to emancipate from their parents?

If the child(ren) are abused they should go to Child Welfare (that's what we call it in Canada) or to a close relative. If they aren't and simply don't like the ground rules of the household and are always into trouble then no, they should be able to emancipate from their parents. I never did understand this emancipation act.

Can a child be emancipated at 15 if no longer want to live with parents?

No. In states where you can seek emancipation by the courts you have to be at least 16 to apply and then be able to support yourself etc. All kids feel one time or another they want to move out. It's a part of growing up and not a reason for the court to emancipate you and leave you to fend for yourself. If you are abused in your home you can contact the CPS or police for help.

Why did Dave Pelzers grandparents abuse his mom?

His mom abused him bcuz her parents abused her , so im guessing his grandparents abused his mom bcuz her grandparents abused her parents . And so on...................................................................................................................

Can a sixteen year old emancipate herself if she feels that she is being verbally abused at home?

She can apply at the local courthouse and see what happens. It is up to the judge.

Does johnny get abused by his parents in The Outsiders?

YES his parents abused him and he felt like they did not care for him so he went home whenever he wanted to because he knew that his parents would disregard him.

Why was Tyler perry abused as a child?

Yes, it is proven that his parents abused him severely as a child.

Is there a test to take if your parents verbally abused you?

If you have to ask... Then you are probably being abused verbally.

What if you are being sexually abused and you are 11?

If you are abused at the age of 11 it is very important to tell your parents. When you get abused you should get medical help and make shore you didn't get pregnant ( if you are a girl ). Also when you are alone in the streets make sure that you be back home early if you don't want that to happens again. One fact that i learned is that when child is abused yourself as a child might become a child abuser when you get older.

Why are children abused?

Children are abused in many areas. Parents allow themselves to do it to their own kids. Parents were raised in foster homes,were abanded,neglected,abused and hit on. So, when parents have kids they decide to do the same the way their parents did them because of hurt and lost pain. Especially dads. Most people do it over stress. But, they do not blame themselves for what they do to their children.

Why do parents abused their kids?

because there stupid.

Was Abraham Lincoln parents mean?

they abused him

Describe Johnny's relationship with his parents?

not very good because his parents abused him when he was younger

How do you find out if you've been sexually abused without telling your parents?

If you were or are sexually abused, you'd already "know". You wouldn't need to "find out". I suggest you do talk to your parents about your concern over this.

Is Justin Bieber abused?

No he has very loving parents :)

Why are children getting abused?

I think they are getting abused because there parents dont know how to be a parent and if they doabuse their child there stupid!!!!

What percent of child abusers were victims of abuse?

About 10%, or perhaps as many as 40%, of abusive parents were themselves physically abused as children, but most abused children do not grow up to be abusive parents.

Why are children physical and emotional abused?

Children are physically and emotionally abused for a variety of reasons. They can be abused by parents or guardians. They can be abused by children at school, they can even be abused by the teacher. All of the following reasons come down to someone not being able to control their anger in a productive manner.

What percentage of abused children grow up to be non-abusive parents -?


What is the anti smacking campaign?

a way to stop kids from getting abused from there parents..

How to tell when you are being abused?

You are being abused if you get forced to do things you don't really enjoy, or if things are done to you that you don't fully want yourself.

Why do people get abused?

because they are stupid. ^ why don't you grow up, you pathetic excuse for a person, people are getting abused and have miserable lives that they have no choice to live,there's people will love to live your life. count yourself lucky that you don't get abused yourself its a serious matter, people getting abused don't need sly comments like this, think its there fault that they get abused? you make me sick. you need to know how much this comment could affect people that actually get abused. maturity is what you need and a lot of it.

Do girls or boys get abused more?

boys get abused more cause boys are tuffer and don't say any thing about it. they often get abused by there parents, and there coaches even and by strangers.

What makes a child vulnerable to child abuse?

No child should be "venerable" to child abuse. If they are abused it is not their fault, it is the fault of the abuser. It depends what background they come from, if they are abused it is likely their parents were abused when they were younger.

Why abused child will grow up to marry abused woman?

many people search for spouses with familiar or similar tendencies to their own parents

Was mikey way abused when he was a kid?

No! Gerard and Mikey had loving parents