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You can't do much of anything for your daughter, but you know there's an old saying that "People will only do to you, what you allow them to do" so until your daughter realizes that this is an unhealthy relationship you can talk to her to your blue in your face if she doesn't want to leave she's not going to it may drive her closer to him so my advice is this pray about it and turn it over to your higher power and let him figure it out he'll know exactly what to do and when he says it's finish, it's finish

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Q: What can you do to get your daughter out of a verbally abusive relationship because you all know she is scared to leave him?
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Should a woman stay in a verbally abusive relationship?

Nope. Because she she might get hurt even more. And the abuser might think it is ok to hurt them because they won't mind. Once they hit you, you should get out of that relationship.

If you are being verbally and physically abused what can you do if he thinks it's your fault because you push his buttons?

Blaming the victim, or partner is one of the many ways the abusive person uses to confuse the victim and/or to make it "seem" acceptable. Please read The Verbally Abusive Relationship by Patricia Evans and visit for more information.

What do you do if you have an emotionally and verbally abusive friend?

Why would you call someone who is "emotionally and verbally abusive" - your "friend"? Abusers cannot be friends because they lack empathy and the ability to truly love someone else or relate to others!

Do women stay in abusive relationships because is their fault?

Woman always try to give excuses in order to stay in an abusive relationship. If your in an abusive relationship then get out of one. It does not matter if you love them if they are hitting you they don't love you. There is no reason for a woman to stay in a abusive relationship. If they are abusive then they are blinded.

How do you stop your daughters abusive relationship?

You mostly likely don't, because you can't. Your daughter gets to pick her own relationships, and she gets to do so in as stupid a fashion as she chooses. You may be able to help her if she decides to leave the abusive relationship and get to a safer space, but this is a decision she has to make on her own.

Should you break up with your boyfriend if he makes you feel guilty all the time?

Yes, you should leave the relationship. That is because he is somehow making you change your view of what you do with good intentions to be something wrong. Eventually, you won't be able to do anything right, and you will not feel good about yourself. He cannot be right all the time! Actually, this is verbally abusive behavior and you are caught in a vicious cycle. Read Patricia Evan's book, "The Verbally Abusive Relationship" for further insight.

Should i stay with my long term boyfriend whom we have a daughter together when he's virbally abusive to me?

No because abuse is abuse so get out of the relationship b4 it gets worse.

Why was he trying not to be abusive but he was?

Men who are abusive generally have learned this from the environment in which they grew up. Some men have a short fuse and blast off with either verbally abusive words or they become physically abusive with their partner. Some men know deep inside it is wrong, but don't know how to get help and most men refuse to seek psychological counseling because it makes them feel weak and not masculine. If he refuses to get help then you have the power to get out of the abusive relationship.

Should you leave your alcoholic mate he only gets verbally abusive if you nag him?

Absolutely! The only reason why I am still with my alcoholic is because he is not verbally abusive even when I nag him... However, emotional abuse is still an issue in the end and it's about how long you are willing to deal with it. My 2 cents

How can you make someone understand that just because she thinks she knows how to handle her husband's verbally abusive comments doesn't mean that she is not in a verbally abusive relationship?

Until she is willing to realize that she is verbally abused, there is nothing you can do. She may well have most of it under control, and, there is the possibility that her mate may not be well. Sometimes medications or certain diseases such as stroke, diabetes, depression, etc., can cause people to appear abusive. You're a good person to worry about her, but don't fight her, try to learn from her and where SHE is coming from. Let her know you are there for her. You'll gain more from her this way, then by telling her how she should act on this problem. Good luck Marcy

Why can't people leave abusive relationship's?

People can't leave them because the person who is abusive to you will not let you go anywhere.

How should you help your daughter leave a verbally abusive and controlling relationship and does this type of relationship usually turn violent towards the wife and the children?

You have not mentioned if your daughter wants the help. It's important that she comes to you and ask for help. Try to find out from her if he has just been verbally abused or if he has been physically abusive as well. This means pushing, shoving, slapping, kicking, throwing things at her or the children. Although very painful for you to listen too and the fear of something terrible happening to your daughter and your grandchildren, it is very important you find time to sit down with your daughter and have a heart-to-heart talk. Let her talk and you listen. If you have experienced any abuse in your life then this is the time to pull the magic out of the bag and relate this to your daughter. If not, then you must learn as much as you can about abusive relationship, the law and how best to protect her. If your daughter is agreeable and ready to leave her abusive husband, then please contact your Women's Shelters or Women's Centers. If you find them difficult to find just call your local Mental Health in your area and they will give you the phone numbers. Next, you should accompany your daughter to meet with the counsellor at the Women's Center and she will be asked questions. Women's Centers are there to protect and will lead your daughter and yourself in the right direction to get good help (also legal help.) It is very important to seek legal council and there is good help at Transition Houses for Women and Women's Centers. Your daughter and her children will be protected by these agencies. Be prepared yourself to need a little protection because if her husband flies into rages you will be the first one he will come to trying to find out where your daughter is. God Bless Marcy

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