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You can have sex since sperm has prostaglandins (sp.) softens the cervix. Plus sex causes you to release the oxytocin hormone which helps to trigger delivery if your uterus is ready. I've also heard that exercise and pumping breast milk helps. There are lots of ways to induce labor, I am a Doula & have been trained in these methods, some work for some women others do not: sexual intercourse nipple stimulation (constant & prolonged) walking spicy food castor oil (2 TBS in a glass of OJ) Stair climbing or curb walking there are accupressure points a Doula can manipulate for you that can induce labor you can also see an acupuncturist to induce labor to find a local Doula go to to contact me for more suggestion or if you have questions:

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Q: What can you do to go into labor?
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What can cause you to go into labor early?

sex can cause u to go in labor sex can cause u to go in labor

Im 9 months pregnant how can I go into labor quick?

Nothing you do will make you go into labor until your body is ready to go into labor

How do you make you go into labor?

you make you go into labor by taking you stuff sometimes

Can you go into labor for 12 hours?

Yes you can go into labor for 12 hrs

Does Milk of Magnesia help you go into labor?

No, Milk of Magnesia will not help you go into labor. === ===

Can the hot heat cause you to go into labor?

Yes it can make u go into labor

How do you go in to labor?

if you use a foot massages the next day you are most likely to go in to labor.

What is the longest you can be dilated before you go into labor?

you can be dilated for months before you actually go into labor.

What can you do on Labor Day?

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How do you make yourself go into labor?

you should walk or your labor will be awlful

How do you go into labor?

You dont! the baby comes and ur water breaks and theres no way you can make yourself go into labor.

Can you scare a dog and make her go into labor-?

It is not advised to attempt to scare a dog into labor. They will go into it when the time is right for them naturally.

What do you do when you go into labor?

Isn't it obvious!go to hospital !

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Why is it impossible for a man to go into labor?

Going into labor is what the woman's body does to prepare to deliver the baby. Men can't get pregnant, therefore can't deliver a baby, hence have no need to go into labor.

Do you have to drink the cod liver oil warm in order to go into labor because im already 2cm?

Cod liver oil will not make you go into labor or have any effect on the labor you are already in.

What medical instrument is used to induce labor?

They give you medication in your vein to induce labor, they don't use a instrument and go up to the uterus. The body has to go into labor itself, helped by the medicine.

In what SVU episode does Stabler's wife go into labor?

She goes into labor in the episode Paternity.

Can you scare a dog and make her go into labor?

You can scare a dog and drive it into early labor.

If you are 30 weeks can you go into labor?

Yes. It is possible to go into labor at any point. It might not be healthy for the baby to be in labor at 30 weeks, so it's best to get to a hospital and be examined by a medical professional.

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Things that will make you go into labor?

been looking for things that will put in labor. what should I try?

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