What can you do to go into labor?

You can have sex since sperm has prostaglandins (sp.) softens the cervix. Plus sex causes you to release the oxytocin hormone which helps to trigger delivery if your uterus is ready. I've also heard that exercise and pumping breast milk helps. There are lots of ways to induce labor, I am a Doula & have been trained in these methods, some work for some women others do not: sexual intercourse nipple stimulation (constant & prolonged) walking spicy food castor oil (2 TBS in a glass of OJ) Stair climbing or curb walking there are accupressure points a Doula can manipulate for you that can induce labor you can also see an acupuncturist to induce labor to find a local Doula go to www.DONA.org to contact me for more suggestion or if you have questions: www.myspace.com/APeaInThePodDoulaServices