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At times you can experience some difficulties with your Cable Television picture and the reception quality. Here are certain things that you can try to fix your television picture on your own.

  • Shrinking picture: When the picture in your television shrinks, it is usually an indication of poor power supply. Check to see that the power is adequate and if it is so, then the power circuitry of the television itself may be fused. If you do not know how to fix this, you may have to call an electrician.
  • Experiencing 'Snow': If the only thing on your television screen is �snow� -- that is, a black and white dotty kind of picture -- then you should check and see that the cable wire is securely connected to your wall outlet and the television set. If you are using a converter, make sure that it is also connected to the power supply system. At times, snow can be a result of the channel that you are watching not being available from the cable company itself. This can be due to a technical fault at the cable company. In such a situation there is nothing for you to fix, but just wait for your cable company to begin broadcast of the channel again.
  • Bad Reception: This can again be due to your cable not being connected properly. If it is, then check that the switch on your television set that says cable/ T.V is set to the cable position. This should help to improve the reception quality.
  • Converter Problems: If you are using a converter and it is not providing you with a signal, see that the converter output channel is selected according to the channel you wish to see. To check if your converter itself is functioning or not, try and connect the cable wire to your television directly, bypassing the converter box altogether. If it was a converter problem then your picture will have returned.
  • Rolling Picture: If your picture is rolling up and down, adjust the vertical hold button on your television set; if it is going sideways then adjust the horizontal hold button. This is not a cable problem but a problem in the television set itself.

If none of the above steps seem to work, then call your cable company�s service department and have them come and fix the picture for you.

A trick most don't know about is to go into the VIDEO menu, select Sharpness or Detail and run the setting for it all the way UP. The only time this doesn't help is if you already have snow in the picture.

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Q: What can you do to improve cable TV picture quality?
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How effective is a cable TV signal booster in terms of picture quality?

TV signal boosters will significantly improve the picture quality of your TV if the poor quality you are currently experiencing is due to signal degradation. If the cable signal is poor from the source, a signal booster will not help.

Does a bi-directional cable splitter improve signal quality to a tv?

Cable splitters, joiners, adapters and similar products will never improve signal quality.

How do you change to 1080p on a toshiba 46sl412u?

The Toshiba 46sI412u is already a 1080p LED TV. If you are using this TV with a cable box, you need to do fix the picture quality on the cable box. Some cable boxes will automatically detect the picture quality.

Does coaxial cable improve tv picture?

Yes, it is the best type of tv leadin wire.

What is the difference between Dish Network and cable network?

cable tv is expensive cable tv has a fixed number of transmitted signals with cable tv, the number of channels lowers the quality of picture and sounds cable tv is expensive

How does the picture quality compare on digital satellite as opposed to basic cable?

There may not be that much of a difference, depending on the TV on which you are viewing the satellite or cable. Based on where you live, reception of either the cable or the satellite might be better, but that's a reception issue, not a picture quality problem.

What does a S Video cable do for your TV?

An S Video cable improves picture quality while watching videos. It is plugged into your TV from a video output source.

Which HDMI cable will offer use the best quality of TV picture?

Cables To Go makes high quality HDMI cables that are just as good as higher priced brands such as Monster Cable.

What is the difference with digital cable versus regular cable?

Analog cable, or "regular" cable versus Digital cable, the difference can be seen when you put two televisions side by side with one using analog cable and one using digital cable. Through this, you will see that digital cable television picture quality is much better in comparison to the analog cable. To put it simply, digital cable provides a better picture.

What is better about digital TV reception in comparison to regular cable reception?

Digital TV offers a much higher resolution and hence a better picture quality than cable TV. Also as it is a digital signal it is possible to include much better quality audio.

How can TV picture improve using the sky plus box?

The sky plus box provides digital signal, so the image quality is good. Combining the sky plus box with a HD box though, can provide enhanced quality image, if the television device can display in HD. A HDMI cable would be also required.

How can one connect their PC to the TV?

An individual can connect their PC to a television by using a HDMI Cable. These cables are specifically designed to enhance sound and picture quality.

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