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Try walking a couple miles a day. Walking at the same time every day is good too. Your body gets into a rhythm of doing it. Oprah uses a treadmill for walking. I really noticed a big difference when I did this. For more information about how to do this, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

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Q: What can you do to make your hips smaller and get rid of the extra fat?
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Related questions

How can you make your hips smaller?

You have to lose all your fat by doing strenuous excersises and streches that are focused mainly on the sides of your body

What foods make you hips bigger?

Fat, sugar, meat, alcohol.

How can you get smaller hips?

It really depends, if your pelvis is wide, then you can't really get less widened hips. But if you just want to lose fat, then a couple weeks at the gym (with guidance for weight loss) should do the trick.

How do you get fat on your hips?

You can only get fat all over your body, but it goes more to your hips if you're a woman than if you were a man.

How do you make my hips bigger?

Gain Weight and then exercise the areas besides it or just get fat either works

What smaller molecules make up a fat molecules?

Glycerides of fatty acids make up fat molecules.

Does sodium make you fat?

Sodium is a mineral in salt which has an affinity for water. Increasing your intake of salt brings with it extra water therefore making a person heavier. It is water, however and NOT FAT. Therefore is temporary until your kidneys excrete the extra water it does NOT MAKE YOU FAT in the sense that you are storing extra fat deposits.

Can you get bigger hips with surgery?

It is possible for a person to get bigger hips through surgery. This often involves injecting fat into the hips themselves.

What does a lipid do for your body?

A lipid is a part of fat. They make the body store extra fat, you DO NOT WANT THEM.

How do you make your hips bigger?

Doing spot exercises for your waist and abs could help your hips look bigger by contrast. Some more suggestions from the community: * Eat more ice cream * If you are skinny, eat more and lift weights * Have a kid! * You can't. Your hips are part of your skeletal structure. You can make your waist smaller through diet and exercise, which will make your hips APPEAR bigger. * You know the hips are not just part of your skeletal structure, if u wanna make them bigger, just make the fat of your hips bigger. * Try exercise like side leg raises and balancing your body. == == * You can try exercises like side leg raises with ankle weight or fixing your hormonal balances and chemical balances.

Does bending you knees give you wider hips?

NO! Fat is the only thing that will give you wider hips, on the outside. Nothing can change the size of your hips!

How do you gain fat on your hips?

Gain fat by consuming more calories. This will add fat everywhere. You cannot "spot" add or subtract fat. This method is very unhealthy and is not recommended, unless you are underweight. Instead, learn to love your hips.

How can a man have big hips?

hes a fat ass

If a cow is pregnant how fat would she be?

She would only appear fat because of the size of her belly, not from the level of fat on her body, such as over the hips, ribs, and deposits on her rump and brisket. A cow with a huge belly but with ribs and hips showing is certainly not fat.

What smaller molecules make up a fat molecule?

The smaller molecules that make up a fat molecule are fatty acids and glycerol. Glycerol is an organic compound and fatty acids are made of chains of hydrocarbons.

Are you considered fat if you have big hips?

Not always some people just have bigger hips because of the way their body is. you might be a person with big bones, its not considered fat at all.

Should a guy take estrogen to grow hips?

Estrogen doesn't "create hips" it will often change where the fat lays in a person: in females to hips and thighs, men to the belly. As a person on Hormone Replacement Therapy continues to use Estrogen and Spironolactone, the placement of fat on the body shifts and often hips and thighs gain fat, the stomach loses it. This can vary from person to person.

A person carrying excess fat on hips and thighs has?

A person carrying excess fat on hips and thighs has a pear-shaped body. A person carrying excess fat on the waist and abdominal area has an apple-shaped body.

A large amount of fat amount of fat accumulates in the?

Belly mainly Also, butt, thighs, hips

What does extra vergin mean in olive oil production?

Extra virgin olive oil simply means low fat. In the production method, the oil is separated to make a lower fat solution.

If you tone your thighs and leg's will your butt get smaller?

No, if you work the muscles in your thighs it wont make your but smaller, but if you are burning calories and losing fat of course it will get a little smaller.

I have extra fats on hips. I dont know how to reduce it. please tell?

You can't spot reduce. You need to reduce your body fat, which can be achieved through a good diet and regular exercise.

Will sit-ups make your breasts smaller?

No. Your breasts consist of mainly fat. Crunches hardly burn any fat.

You are stick thin and you dont know if there are any exercises that can make your hips larger and my butt bigger and probably get an exrcise to make me fatter?

look this is what you do... just eat junk-like food regulary and then poof! you get fat no exrcise makes you fat

Does ice shrink your stomach?

If you mean stomach fat, ice will not make your stomach smaller.