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Ask the Insurance Company if there is anyway they will reinstate and see what happens. Check your ACTUAL policy and see if you have any protections or guarantees.

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You own your home you stopped paying for home insurance. will i have problem restablishing a home insurance?

If your previous home insurance policy was cancelled for non-payment, the company you were insured with may choose not to reinstate the policy depending on your history with the company. While this company does not have to reinstate your policy, you will be able to bind insurance with another provider. If this company asks if you have been cancelled previously for non-payment, answer honestly. This will not disqualify you for obtaining insurance, however it may disqualify you from receiving a continuous coverage discount if they offer it.

Does accepting payment automatically bind cancelled car insurance?


Can a home insurance policy be cancelled for non payment?

Yes. Non Payment of premium can cause a cancellation or non renewal of an insurance policy.

Your home insurance was not paid by the mortgage bank last month The insurance policy has been cancelled Does the bank have to insure you now?

The bank must make payments of these items from the account on time, if you kept an escrow account with the bank and carried out regular deposits for the taxes and insurance payment. If the bank does not pay the insurance premium on time and the insurance policy is cancelled, the bank must either get in touch with the insurance company and make them reinstate the policy, or buy a policy with another company. Nevertheless, within this time you keep being liable for continuing the insurance payment through your escrow account.

Can you reinstate your car insurance for non payment?

You are asking if you can reinstate you auto insurance if it cancelled for non-payment. Often times you can. It is up to the policies of the individual insurance carrier that you are dealing with and the state laws as well. In Georgia, insurance companies must mail you a 10 day notice of cancellation if you did not pay on the due date. After this cancellation date on the notice you have no coverage. Often times the insurance company will reinstate without a lapse if you come in within a few days and sign a "Statement of No-Loss" which states that you have not had an accident or loss since the date of cancellation. Different companies have their own policy on how many days that they will still reinstate. One factor to watch is that on the renewal date of the policy you do not get this 10 day notice, the day after renewal your coverage ceases. Sometimes they will still allow you to renew but they don't have to.

Can you get a new health insurance policy if your previous one was cancelled for non payment?


What should you do if after a car accident your insurance company claims they did not receive your payment and sent you a cancellation notice but you did not receive it?

Several answers apply here. First did you move and if so did you send your insurance company a change of address? Secondly did the accident take place before or after the effective date of cancellation? Insurance companies don't have to prove you received the cancellation notice, they only have to prove they mailed the cancellation to the last known address you provided them. If you move and do not send them a change of address, you are in trouble. Lastly, did you pay the insurance premium for which they cancelled you? If so produce your cashed check and they will have to reinstate your policy by most state laws. If you did not pay as required, then they cancelled you for non payment, and in all likelihood you are cancelled and have no coverage. If the accident took place before the date of cancellation, go see an attorney.

Lapse in car insurance?

A lapse in your auto insurance is a time period for which you had or have no coverage. Either your policy expired and was not renewed on schedule meaning you missed your renewal payment or you missed a monthly payment and the policy was cancelled.

What is the meaning of reinstatement?

Reinstatement simply means getting your coverage back to active. Most policies cancel when payments are not received on a timely manner, causing a policy to cancel (no coverage). Once payment is received, a company will usually reinstate a policy, sometimes without lapse (depending on how many days the polilcy has been cancelled).

Can you get insurance when your homeowners policy was cancelled due to non-payment?

I believe you can, your premium my just be a little higher. that's what happened to me anyway. Hope this helps a bit.

Can a medical insurance company drop you because of one non payment?

It would depend on the insurance company. Most insurance companies will reinstate your coverage once you are caught up on your premium payments. You would then just have a lapse in coverage for the month you missed.

Can insurance agency reinstate a cancelled policy without insured's approval?

If you have requested cancellation of your policy then it would not be appropriate to reinstate it without an additional request from you so long as required notices of discontinutaion of coverage have been made to all interested parties.. There are times when it would be appropriate and in the best interest of the insured to automatically reinstate a policy without an additional request from you to do so. Especially if there is an express or implied desire for continuation of the coverage such as if an overdue payment is received after a policy lapse. Other Insured Parties such as Lienholders and Mortgage companies can also require an insurer to continue coverage for a specified period of time. Another insured parties interests could require the insurer to reinstate a policy until such time as they have been properly notified.

Can your car insurance policy be cancelled without notification?

Not necessarily. In most cases you have to be notified in writing as to when and why you're being cancelled. Most causes of cancellation are from non-payment of premiums, and somewhere in the bill it states "policy can be cancelled if premium if not paid by due date". Otherwise, most insurance companies are required by law to notify you.

What do you do if your auto insurance has been cancelled due to nonpayment with safeco?

Call the company, Offer to make your payment and request a re-instatement of your policy.

Can the bank hold onto a payment they received the day they repossessed the car and refused to reinstate the loan?

YES, they can and DO. Read your contract about the re-instating part. Was this your 2nd repo?

Where and how to get Condo Insurance If Condo Insurance cancel you?

First we would need to know why you were cancelled? As if you were cancelled for misrepresentation or fraud then you are in trouble, but if you were cancelled for non payment then just call up some other insurance companies and get quotes should be no issue, you may see a jump in your premium and thats unavoidable and you will have to live with it for around 3 years. If you were cancelled for underwriting reasons, inquire as to what that was so you can change it for the next insurance company. Condo insurance is very complex and although it is cheaper then most insurances for property it is the most difficult to adjust for a claim.

What happens if you rear end somebody in Illinois and your insurance was cancelled because the payment was late?

If you rear end someone in Illinois and your auto insurance has been canceled for non payment, it is likely that you will get sued. The person you hit can take you to court for compensation which will come out of your own pocket.

How can i get auto insurance if it has been cancelled on me due to non payment?

Contact your agent or companies policy services dept. and see if you can pay your premium and get reinstated, or if you can get a new policy. There are companies that will accept drivers that have been previously cancelled look around, contact some agents, but get some insurance !

Is it possible for an auto insurance carrier in New Jersey to reinstate a policy that was canceled due to a missed payment or must they issue a new policy at a new premium?

This may depend on your insurance companies own internal rules and policies. NJ does have some interesting insurance law but I don't know if it gets this detailed as to regulate the reinstatment of a policy that has lapsed for non payment of premium.

What does life insurance has been suspended mean?

If you die there will be no payout to your beneficary, This usually happens when you miss a premium payment and they 'suspend' the policy, allowing you to make the payment(s) up to date and will reinstate the policy, as opposed to a 'cancellation' or 'termination' when you have lost the policy never to be reinstated

What to do if your insurance was cancelled due non payment. 1 month later you get into a 6 car accident that was caused by a drunken driver which ended up being a hit and run?

Once your policy was cancelled you no longer have coverage. Hopefully the drunk driver has good enough insurance to take care of your damages.

Does car insurance become cancelled when the owner passes away?

Not unless the deceased calls the company to cancel. The insurance company cannot cancel the policy unless it is requested in writing by the insured or executor or if it cancels for non-payment.

What are payment options for mercy insurance?

"There are a variety of payment options available for Mercy Insurance.

Can you receive life insurance payment if your in prison?

Yes. The beneficiary of a life insurance payment can always receive the payment regardless of where he or she is.

What is a notice of rescission in regards to auto insurance?

A rescission, is a rescind. That means they have voided whatever the notice referred too. You'll have to read the notice for further details to determine what was rescinded. A notice of rescission is often sent to the insured when a late payment has been processed where the insurer has already sent out a notice of cancellation for non payment. If the payment was received after the due date and accepted after the cancel notice was issued, The insurance company may send a notice of rescission and continuation of coverage, Basically they are cancelling the cancellation, meaning that you are not cancelled.