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What can you do to scare someone?

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To scare your boyfriend when he just moves in with you... 1-Put a crib in the spare bedroom, then stare at it from time to time. 2-Turn off the light,then call on the telephone using your phone without letting your boyfriend seeing you. then pretend your scare to make it more affective.3-When the room is so dark and your boyfriend doesnt see anything slowly get out of the room without your boyfriend noticing.. more affective: if you have a rat put it in a jar then when the room is dark pretend your scared then first hold your boyfriend's hand then take your hands off then get the rat out of the jar then slowly hold your boyfriends hand then slowly releasing your hand

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Do feet get cold when you scare someone?


What to take for cough?

You just need your someone to scare you

What is the word frighten means?

it means to scare someone

How do you scare someone?

you can scare someone in many different ways. It depends if they are a wimp or not. To see if they are a wimp; jump out from behind a bush. If they jump or scream then they are classed as wimps. Another way to scare someone is to lie down. Close your eyes and tell them to bend over and stare straight at your face. When you are ready, and it is an awkward moment open your eyes, mouth and scream! It will scare them half to death... hope this helps.

When do you say boo?

On halloween When hiding to scare someone Calling someone you care for, like "babe"

What does intimidate mean?

Intimidate means to scare. Or make someone wary.

How do you scare someone at a sleepover?

just look at them, your face should do the trick.

What is Maori word for scare?

Whakamataku is the word meaning scare, terrify or frighten. Kōtore whererei is the phrase used to say that someone is scared etc.

What does boo mean?

1. to scare someone 2. saying someone sucks 3.... idk anotha 1....

What is something that could scare someone that starts with a C?

"cement truck above you" :=)

Why do you say boo to scare someone?

Because on the movies that's the "sound" for the ghosts!!

What does Lady Gagas quote they cant scare me if i scare them first mean?

I think it just means that if you have the opportunity to surprise someone first, then you are no longer able to be surprised by that person. You're now expecting it. It means to get the jump on someone.

What does sexual harassment mean?

when you scare someone by saying stuff like your so sexy

What is a cancer scare?

When someone believes they have cancer when they really don't. They become "scared" that they have cancer.

What is the adjective of scare?

Scare is a verb. The adjective would be 'scared' as it is describing the state of something/someone. I would say "scary", with "scared" being a verb-form used as an adjective.

When jem hears someone following him and scout who does he conclude it is?

Cecil Jacobs is trying to scare them again

Is the game in the maze game rael?

no its not real someone just put a scary animation to scare you.

Is it bad if you have genital warts?

of course, that's a good way to scare someone away from a realtionship

When someone says trick on Halloween what do you do?

get silly string out n scare them or throw rice at em

Do frogs scare everyone?

No frogs only scare people if you scare them . Plus if you are scared of them they will scare you .

Can you scare a person to death?

Yes, you can scare someone to death. When someone is scared, their body produces a chemical called Adrenaline. Adrenaline is a naturally produced chemical that does all sorts of things. Adrenaline makes your heart beat faster, muscles function more efficiently, etc. However, too much of this chemical can cause death, so theoretically, yes, even though it would be very hard to do so, you can scare someone to death.

Why would someone break into your house and not take anything?

to scare you to death!! or to look for something but if you dont have it they will leave

How do you NOT scare off a guy.?

Be yourself. If that does scare them off then it's their loss! It sounds like such a cliche but if you intend to have a relationship with someone then it's best to be yourself from the start! Just relax and let the true you come out!

How old do you have to be to be on scare tactics?

type in scare tactics on like google i guess ands then go to their website and send them an email if you can or call them if theres a number or ask someone whom you thik may know

How do you put someone on the TV show Scare Tactics as a victim?

Email to can there it will say set up your friends