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What can you do to stop lying?

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A lot of lying stems from lack of personal responsibility and from fear of others' reactions. Learning to say to yourself, "Yes, I'm responsible for this action or thought and it's okay" will help you not be afraid to tell the truth. If you are wrong, admit it. If you did harm, fix it. If you're ashamed to tell the truth, stop doing what makes you ashamed. Act with dignity and inner strength and you won't have to lie. i recently split up with my girlfriend because of my compulsive lying, it was over small things but she could not take anymore. I want to win her back but i need to prove to her that i can stop lying...does anybody have an answer...please? Where did lying begin? According to The Bible, Lying began in Genesis 3V1-10. Lying came from the devil, when he persuaded Eve to eat from the forbidden tree by twisting what God had said. If you want to worship the devil- go ahead!, but you cannot say that you are worshipping God and proclaim to be a Christian. One of the commandments says 'thou shalt not bear false witness'. God does not like a lying tongue and those that lie will perish! Lying is a sin unto God . In Luke , 'the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but the Lord wants us to live life more abundantly. If you value your life and you are a compulsive liar- this is the time to stop. Lying can destroy and eventually take you life. 1st Samuel Chapt1v1-18 - the story of how the Amalekite killed Saul (the Anointed One). Because the Amalekite wanted to gain favour from David, he lied and said that he killed Saul, while in fact Saul fell on his own sword. Because the Amalekite lied to David - David killed him. Whether you are a Christian or a non believer, lying is a sin unto God and to everyone else. You can not only lose the ones that care about you and love you, but you can also lose you life because you have lied with an intention to deceive.

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How do you get your mom to stop being mad at you for lying?

Stop lying!

How do you stop yourself from lying to avoid confrontation?

Its all in your head, you can stop lying by telling the truth

How to stop a teen from lying?

By having them give you detail on what they are lying about.

How many lies is compulsive lying?

Compulsive lying is when you cannot stop lying, so you lie almost whenever you can.

Can a compulsive liar stop lying?


When will men stop lying about what eight inches is?

When women stop driving

Is it possible to stop lying to your friends?

It is possible. To stop lying just tell them the truth from now on. If they can't accept you for who you are then they were never your real friends.

Does lying on your stomach stop your chest from growing?


How can people stop lying?

beat the truth out of them

How do you stop your wife from lying?

u dont

How can you stop yourself from lying?

Tell the truth.

How do you stop lying and regain trust in a relationship?

the best way to stop lying in a relationship is to not do things that you have to lie about. and soon enough you will come to a conclusion that he or she will love you more.

What is compulsive lying?

It is when you can't stop lying, even if you don't want to lie.A compulsive liar is someone who can't resist lying, even when there is no reson to.

What should you do about the lies and the cheating?

Stop lying and cheating.

Your dog has a lump on its volva?

No my dog does not stop lying!

Will someone who is a pathological liar lie to everyone and do they ever stop lying?

Someone who is a pathological liar will like to everyone. They will not stop lying without extensive forms of therapy.

How do tell my friend i know that they r lying and i want them 2 stop?

If you know for a fact they are lying, then simply tell them. I know you are lying about whatever and I want you to stop. They don't have to of course, but you at least have told them. Just make sure you know what you think you know.

Why is someone a compulsive liar?

Because they cant stop lying!

Should you expose a relative for their lying if you want it to stop?

Of Course

What does pare el mentir a ella mean?

stop lying to her

How can you protect your 13 yr old from his lying mother?

you cant stop the 13 year old from lying. But you can gain his/her trust.

Can you stop lying?

yes lying is a state of mind and a life style choice not a disease. but someone could mentally be prone to lying. i once read a book where this guy knew that he was lying, but his mind was saying that he was doing something good.

Can people stop lying?

they might, depending on their character,mood,ect.

What do you do if you can't stop lying to your boyfriend?

Get addicted to drugs!!!! It works, trust me!

What do you do when you catch your husband lying?

When you catch your husband lying then try to get him to face up to it to you. Hopefully you have proof of his lying and if you do show it to him or, tell him where you got the information from. Even with proof if he tries to say he is not lying let him know that if he does not stop lying; mature and learn to communicate with you better that the marriage will not last.