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Wheezing can be a sign of respitory distress if you are using pine or Cedar shavings try changing you bedding to carefresh, corn cob or aspen. Do not use pine or cedar they are known to cause respitory illnesses if used for a prolonged period. you can also try a drop of children's benadryl once a day mixed in some wet cat food.. If it presists for longer than a week or gets worse call a vet....

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Q: What can you do to stop your mouse from wheezing and should you be alarmed?
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How do you get your mouse to stop randomly clicking in Minecraft?

Welp, its not minecraft that's the problem, its the mouse unplug it (if it is wired) clean out the usb port for the mouse wire and then plug it back in. Then that should do it

What should you check to provide quicker deceleration of the pointer when you slow down or stop the mouse?

Snap to

How do you stop asthma with out any medication?

i think that it will stop by taking care of yourself when you turn sick and when you start having difficult breathing and wheezing.

Can asthalin and budecort be given together?

yes, both can be given together,,as asthalin will stop wheezing and cough and budecort will stop the re occurrence

How do you stop your computer mouse from double clicking?

getting a new mouse

If you smoke marijuana occasionally and wheeze whenever you work out will your wheezing ever go away if you quit smoking?

AnswerYour wheezing could be due to the smoke or it could just be coincidental. Some people have exercise induces asthma and only wheeze when they exercise, having nothing to do with smoking of any kind. If you are wheezing however, you should see a doctor, there are many meds you can take to prevent wheezing or to stop wheezing when it starts.Asthma can be serious, even fatal, so take it seriously. You will probably have it the rest of your life, perhaps every day, perhaps only when you get an upper respiratory infection, when exposed to smoke or whatever you might be allergic to, etc.

How do you stop your computer from pausing?

If your talking from screen saver just wiggle mouse or hit keyboard. If your talking from standby you should just wiggle mouse or hit power button again.

Why does your keyboard stop your mouse working?


How do you stop destroying blocks in minecraft?

Stop holding left mouse button....

Is there a way to stop wheezing and coughing?

Yes. For the cough you can try stream or humidified air, over the counter cough preparations (the ones with antihistamines and decongestants are recommended) and treat the underlying cause. If you have a virus you mostly need to treat the symptoms and ride it out. If it is from bacteria that can be treated (but this is a small minority of cases) and if you are smoking you can stop. If you are wheezing, which can also cause a cough by itself, there really are not a lot of effective home remedies and so you should see your doctor for prescription medication.

When you move the mouse pointer on the screen the screen moves to how do you stop it?

You randomly throw the mouse or monitor to the floor.

When does a mouse stop hopping?

umm... when it dies.. i guess

How do you stop your white mouse from urinating on you?

amputate the problem

Why does the mouse scroll stop working?

Turn it off and on again

How is a mouse adapted for its habitat?

The mouse is very small, therefore predators will find it hard to stop the mouse. Depending on which type of mouse you are talking about, most mouse are camouflages to their surrounding habitat. For example the field mouse is a dusty brown colour and crops are browny, greeny!

What causes your computer mouse to stop moving?

This can be caused by a number of problems, the most likely of which are outdated drivers for the mouse. You can likely get the latest mouse drivers from your install disk that came with the mouse. Or you can go to the manufacturer website and get the latest mouse drivers there.

How can you stop being afraid of mice?

you need to hold the a mouse and be around a mouse. the more time you spend with them the less afraid you will be

How do you weigh a mouse?

Put the mouse in a small bag to stop it running away, weigh the mouse and the bag, deduct the weight of the bag and you have the weight of the mouse.

How do you get your cursor to stop jerking around the screen?

buy a new mouse

How do you make the cursor stop jumping in Microsoft Office 2010?

This is most likely a problem with your mouse, or mouse settings, and not a problem with Microsoft Office.

When I scroll using the wheel of my mouse on IE it just keeps going. How can i stop this?

You may have a problem with your mouse driver. I have heard that uninstalling your mouse driver, shutting down your computer and restarting, and re-installing your mouse may fix the problem. This is much easier (automatic) with Windows XP and Vista but less so with Win2k (have your install disk handy). This should not have anything to do with the performance of your computer.

How do you get past the mechanical mouse on Super Villain Island?

Use the stop watch when the mouse is right next to the high stone wall you can't jump over. Then jump on the mouse and over the column.

What is the lockup called when the computer and mouse and keyboard stop responding?

system hang

How will you know when the mouse has had enough to eat?

a mouse should have food available too it 24 hours a day, like humans they will eat when they are hungry and stop eating when they are full. you are worried about mice becoming obese or sick from over eating simply give them a wheel to run on..

How do you stop baby coughing?

Take the baby to the doctor. Antibiotics if necessary. If it is Croupe..The cough sounds like a seal bark or wheezing. moist air helps Regardless, If your child is sick and coughing doesnt stop..Get baby checked out.