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What can you do to style your hair as a blowout?


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Always go to a professional. Save your money and go to a beauty salon and find a good hair stylist. Tell them what you want and that you want to learn how to keep your hair this way and what products should you use to get this style. That's the only way you'll learn. I've always done that.


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After a Brazilian blowout, you should follow whatever directions your hair stylist gave you. the Nioxin Folicle Booster is for thinning hair, but there isn't anything online that states whether or not you can use it. It is best to ask your hair stylist who does the blowout if they think you should use the product after the blowout.

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Of course! Brazilian Blowout lasts 3 months, so it would be pretty gross not to :) See here an article on proper aftercare for best results and longest lasting power:

It is best to use the Brazilian Blowout Acai Aftercare products, which are specially formulated to protect and extend the results of a Brazilian Blowout treatment. Read more here:

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To style your hair, accentuate your hair, braid your hair, or straighten or curl your hair.

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A "bob" hair style is when a girls hair doesnt touch her shoulders. A hair style that is only very short.

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Go to a hairstylist and get your hair permed or get a blowout. that wont last forever but it lasts pretty long.

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White hair offers it. 3 of my friends have tried it with great results :)

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It depends on your hair, after you shampoo your hair it will go back to it natural state. So I would keep it for two weeks, then shampoo it, because the hair will be dirty.

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Daddy Yankees hair is what started out as the original blowout. Not what most people know as the blowout of today which is spikey hair. The original blowout which is a short ceaser cut with a blowout on the sides and back has been around for a loooong time and is very popular in the puerto rican and latin community. If you look at older pictures of daddy Yankee you will see where he has this type of cut. Today Daddy has pretty much the same thing just that it is much shorter on the sides than a regular blowout, since in a blowout only the area near the sideburns and the back of the head is very short. The cut that daddy sports these days is a regular high fade on the sides and back with a ceaser type (hair combed down) on the top. This creates the appearance of a tight hairline, while in reality daddy has a huge forehead lol. still looks good tho DADDY YANKEE!!!

Yes just don't have your stylist go over your hair with the straightener many times stick to 3 - 5 times

On a motorcar tyre, a blowout is a sudden bursting of the tyre, so I presume that a 'blowout rupture' is a sudden rupture.

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