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It's different for every guy. Don't plaster on make-up. You're better off with too little than too much. And, honestly, if you want to know if you are turning him on, look at his eyes. If they are looking back, you probably aren't turning him on. If his eyes are drifting southward, then you're turning him on. For younger guys, all you need to do is touch him and he'll get turned on. As he gets older, you'll need to work harder. If all you want is to make him horny, then just show as much skin as you can. Low-cut shirt, short shorts or low-cut pants. '''Bikini or two-piece swim suit!''' Getting guys turned on isn't hard. Sex is our favorite thing to think about. We are always turned on. We're also really good at hiding it (when we want to).

-DJ Craig

Answerwell a guy can be esally turned on most of the time.....but if you wanna try to turn him try making him feel realli good lik touching his ears or legz i no that workz sometimes...(fact that's what they try to do to us to get us turned on haha)
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Q: What can you do to turn a guy on?
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Can a guy have turn on?

well this dont make sence,can a guy have a turn on.yes

How do you turn on a teenage guy?

you love him ;)

How do you turn a straight guy gay?

You can't. The same way you can't turn a gay guy straight. You are how you are born.

Is it a turn off when a girl has her friend tell a guy that the girl likes him?

as long as you show the guy that u like him then its a turn on

How do you turn a guy on without trying?

to turn a guy on without trying, u simply walk up to him and give him a kiss.

What to say to turn a guy on?

press the switch! how else do you turn something on ??

Can a guy turn completely into a girl?


What can you say to a guy to turn him on through texting?

You don't text a guy to turn him on. Just go up to him and talk to him. It's got to work. If he's not into you when talking to you, you know that he isn't the right guy for you.

How does a guy turn on another guy?

Depends on the people involved. Figureing that out is half the fun.

What does it do to a guy when a woman turn down a guy who likes her?

It makes them upset because he likes her

Does kissing a guy's ear turn him on?

yes it does

Is sasuke going to turn into a good guy?


How do you turn on a younger guy?

ask him what his turn ons are lol otherwise forget about it. lol

Does it turn a guy on if you play with your vagina?

no. It may turn some men on.

What do you do when a guy asks how to turn you on?

If you want him to turn you on, then tell him how. If you don't, then don't.

How do you turn a guy on through a text message?

There are many ways to turn a guy on through. One example would be to tell him what you want him to do to you, or what you wnat to do to him.

How do you turn a guy on without being to obvious?

If you want to turn a guy on, without being too obvious, you will need to find out what he likes. If he enjoys an active girl, you might turn him on doing some sort of activity.

How do you pleasure a guy good?

You pleasure a guy by just teasing him a little and then you find a way to turn him on

How can you tell if a guy likes you when his girlfriend is around?

If a guy likes you he will turn around and look in your eyes.

What does it mean when a guy will physically turn around just to see your face?

He is a great guy who is in love with you!

What hair style should you where to turn a guy on?

your hair is a perfect way to turn a guy on ,but you don't know what hair style to do .Well I have the answer to that a bun,curls,sexy pony.

How do you turn on a guys through text?

To turn a guy on through text you can tell him what you are wearing, or not wearing.

How do you turn your guy on?

Grinding up on him, kissing him, touching him

What are some ways to turn a guy on?

suck him off...

Why does it turn me on when a guy kisses my neck?

cuz it is comfortable