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What can you do when the guy you love lives in Greece and you live in Asia?



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Well, first think- do you really love this guy?? you sound like you do and you will probably think my advice is unfair but firstly i need to ask you some questions..

do you write to him? if so; how often?

do you call? if so; how often?

do you email? if so; how often?

do you meet up sometimes? if so; how often?

does he love you?

all these questions add up to one thing...

is he really worth it?

all the answers add up to your opinion

but here is my answer to your question.

I think (if you dont meet up much) that maybe if he lives too far away and if he is living there most of his life then there wont be much point in including him in your life. It will probably make you depressed of all things but you cant just count on one person your whole life can you?

I hope my advice has helped :)