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You can't do anything but accept it. Don't push it or you will push them away.

2007-08-17 00:33:39
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What should you major in in college if you're interested in astrology and mythology?

The arts. Pseudosciences will get you nowhere in the sciences.

How do you end an adult relationship with an alcoholic who lives with me and has nowhere to go?

buy her her own house

Why do men and woman continue to be involved with someone who made it clear that the relationship it going no where?

The relationship may be going nowhere but the sex still feels good.

How do you know if a guy is still committed to your relationship?

when all of the sudden he looks at you and smiles and then says i love you out of nowhere.

What takes you there but takes you nowhere?

it takes you to a relationship but it doesnt go well"your imagination"The Bustime

What is dumping?

Dumping is when the boy or girl in the relationship thinks that the relationship is going nowhere and they would be better off seeing other people so they tell the other they are done with them

How long does it take for a person to know when they've met the right person. I was dating a guy for 2months and he said that the attraction wasn't there. Is it possible we didn't date long enough.?

There's no general timetable on developing feelings or when an attraction dies down. While you may developed the feelings you need to be in a relationship with this guy, he realized that the feelings he needed to be in a relationship were not there. Two dates, two weeks or even two months for different people, is long enough to determine if there is enough attraction and compatibility or not. A breakup is never out of nowhere. He likely put some thought into it beforehand, but didn't tell you he was doing so. You didn't get to see that part. You only got to see the end result. If he no longer felt the potential for a continued relationship was there, he did the right thing in breaking up, rather than staying and being resentful or deceiving you about his feelings.

You like a girl but you have a boyfriend and the relationship is going nowhere?

Does the girl know you like her? How long have you an and your boyfriend been together? And are you asking what should you do?

What does it mean when a girls calls you out of nowhere?

She's probably bored and finds you interesting. Or she's interested in you, but don't take it as too strong a hint, it may be nothing.

What place has no moskitoes?

there is nowhere where there are no moskitos there is nowhere where there are no moskitos there is nowhere where there are no moskitos

I am every where but nowhere. What am I?

It's air because air is everywhere, but it is nowhere to be seen, hence everywhere but nowhere.

Is thrust on the rocket in the absence of gravitational force of attraction constant?

Thrust on the rocket depends only on the engines. It doesn't matter whether the rocket is sitting on the pad or out somewhere a million miles from nowhere.

What are some popular tv shows with lesbian relationship?

South of Nowhere, Once and Again, Degrassi, The L Word, Pretty Little Liars

Why is the zodiac not circumpolar?

Because it is nowhere near the poles.Because it is nowhere near the poles.Because it is nowhere near the poles.Because it is nowhere near the poles.

What is the song corrupted by mcfly about?

It's an opinion most people say that it's about a relationship that's going nowhere but the people in it won't let it go

How do you find a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon tower defense?

You can find them while your playing out of nowhere but they are very rare? Also i have a shiny Geo-dude if you are interested. The code you can type in is 14f23cf109732c

What is the opposite of nowhere?

If you're not nowhere you have to be somewhere.

Why do guys break up with girls when they know they love them?

they break up with them because they know the relationship is going nowhere dont be sad just up the anti!

Why do you keep falling out of love?

Either it was because you were never in love at the start or that the two of you decide to move on and start another relationship because your's is going nowhere.

How do you put nowhere in a sentence?

My cat was nowhere to be found.

How do you use the word 'nowhere' in a sentence?

John appeared in my house out of nowhere because he was a clever magician

When does south of nowhere return?

South of Nowhere returns this spring.

Is there a town or city named nowhere?

Nowhere, OK 73038

What are safe spots for a volcano?

Nowhere! Thats where you can hide. Nowhere!

When was The Bridge to Nowhere created?

The Bridge to Nowhere was created in 2009.