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What can you do when your girlfriend and you broke up 3 days ago and she has a new boyfriend and says she loves you only as a friend?


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Love can seem so cruel to all of us at times. Sometimes things just don't work out between two people. It doesn't mean you did anything wrong or that she did; it's about chemistry. You sound fairly young and I have no doubt this is your first girlfriend nor will she be your last. Sometimes we fall in and out of love quickly until we meet that special someone. It's time to move on and start dating again. I don't usually find that after you have loved someone staying friends with them usually works out because the person that is left behind in the relationship still loves that person and it's like pouring salt into an open wound. Be kind to her and tell her you appreciate her efforts, but it's time for you to move on. Marcy


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Your girlfriend still loves you. You're her boyfriend. When a girl says she loves her male best friend she means it in a family kind of way. As long as she still spends time with you and says she loves you, you have nothing to worry about

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If your boyfriend really loves you then no one can take him from you. Get rid of your so called girlfriend as she is no friend to you and be sure you look her right in her eyes and tell her that and then walk away and don't look back. You are going to have to trust the fact your boyfriend loves you and get on with your own lives.

obviously.............u should be worried.............tell ur boyfriend if u love ur best friend who is a girl then who am i.............then she will be ur girlfriend..............

It Depends what the girl friends personality is.... First... Usually a boy finds his girlfriend really hot and really loves her. The Girl would ask for a lot of money, until she is satisfied. Then Brakes up. Secondly.... If the girlfriend needs money she will marry the boyfriend then run off with the money. Ending up as an divorce. Last... The Girl Friend would ask her boyfriend to pay her bills. Then she's satisfied. If none of them happen. Then the girlfriend does really love her boyfriend.

Just be happy for her =] Your friend has found someone who loves her.

Things that is useful to her. Things that she loves.

then she should leave her boyfriend and do something about the love she has for her best friend..

if he really does love you then he won't stay with his girlfriend

allways calls you. Always visits you. If has a new boyfriend/girlfriend and pays attention to you and not to his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.

He is obviously not "The One" for you. If he is telling your friend that he loves them he has already cheated on you. Time to move on.

It depends no what your definition of 'bf' is. 'Bf' could be best friend or boyfriend. If it is your best friend, then its because he doesn't really love you. If its your boyfriend, then he's not really your boyfriend, is he? If your boyfriend doesn't say he loves you or even admits to it, he's not really your boyfriend.

I think it means this boy loves you more as a friend or he wants you instead of his current girlfriend. It either means that he loves you but not enough to end it with his girlfriend or that he loves you but he doesn't want to hurt her.

Your boy friend will kiss you wen he loves you.

I LOVE YOU is probably the best thing to say to your boyfriend. Every boyfriend cherishes the fact that his girlfriend loves him.

O.o Well you all might want to slow down a little bit. He might not be ready. I wasn't ready to say I love you to my Girlfriend but I did anyway, and I thought we should have slowed down.

show her that you loves her more than her new boy friend and point out all of the bad things about her new boyfriend

Sorry to say this but she does not really love you as a boyfriend . But she does love you as her friend and that could possibly lead to a relationship:)

friends. partners. boyfriend. girlfriend. family. neighbor. "puppy love".

she says that because she likes that guy as a friend but she loves her boyfriend. She doesn't mean it litterally. hope that helped! x

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