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Don't have sex. The age of consent is often 16 or 17, so you can be under 18 and not have a legal problem.

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When is a relatioship over?

When your partner doesnt like you anymore

Does age affect men or women in sports?

If you are over 70 it is harded to do but if you are under it doesnt

Can you get the flu directly after you have gotten over it and now your partner has caught it from you?

I believe so. That may be what's referrd to a relapse. yes. it is called reinfected.

How old do you have to be to fly with someone under 16?

You Can't! ANSWER 2 Meaning you are under 16? It doesnt matter, you will be watched by a flight attendant, and checked on more freekwently. If you are over 18, it doesnt really matter.

What do I do if my girlfriend's best friend is her old sex-partner?

get over it, or not

Should lacrosse shooting strings be tight?

Yes. If they're not tight the ball will get caught and will be over or under shot at your target

What happends if you get caught shoplifting in asda?

Arrested if it's over £300 worth, warned and barred if it's under If you're under 16 they will just bar you from the store

How do you know if your partner is over their ex?

if he/she talks about his/ex only. if they don't love your talks. if they don't bother you then your partner is over your ex.

My vw bug wont start?

if it doesnt turn over check your battery, you might just need a jump. the battery is under the rear seat.

Is it over when he doesnt reply to your e mails?

Yes, it is over.

Does next of kin have rights over estate over unmarried partner?

In a case of no will, the next of kin has priority. Unless there is a will, the unmarried partner will not have any rights.

My parnter is telling me it's over with is cheating partner but i think he is lying because when i bring it up he laugh about it or get mad how do i know?

tell your parnter that it no longer over with his cheating partner its over with you and him.

What happened to people if they were caught going over the Berlin wall?

People who were caught going over the wall were either executed or jailed for life.

If your caught outside during a thunderstorm what do you do?

seek shelter under a rock ledge or over hang (preferably one large enough that you are out of the elements, but are not in contact with the rock)

How does crossing over affect linkage?

it doesnt

Can you sign over your house to your partner?

Yes, if he/she will accept it

What will happen if you over hunt?

There are over limit fines if you get caught with the extras.

Should flyballs be caught over head?


What does it mean when a girl just wants to be friends?

Get over her... she doesnt hate you and she would still hang out with you every now and then but she doesnt want to date you or have you obsessing over her

1999 mercury cougar overheating new thermostat.. not leaking antifreeze only leaks through the overflow when car stops but doesnt over heat... antifreeze resvuior always seems to be under pressure?

perform a compression test to check for leaking head gasket- you may have caught this before any major damage occurs,

If your 16 and your boufriend is 19 can he get in trouble with parental consent?

Yes. if he is over 18 and you're under then they can charge him with rape. Even if he's under 18 and you're under 16 you can also get in trouble. In other words just don't get caught believe me I've been there.

What operating speed is prohibited under Ohio law?

It depends on the area and jurisdiction in Ohio. Most officers will only pull you over If you're caught going 5 mph or more over the posted speed limit.

How would you know if your boyfriend is over his past?

if he doesnt talk about it much, doesnt bring it up during conversation.

Dose Hannah Montana have a kid?

NO she doesnt if she did it would be all over the newspapers and tv and magazines so no she doesnt

What happens if your caught parking if over 18?