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What can you do with your 99 Mazda Protege when the EGR valve was replaced twice and the sensor once and the engine light is on again?


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2011-09-13 22:12:57
2011-09-13 22:12:57

Please have the vehicle scanned again, and if nessisary, go to a different shop to get a 2nd opinion. It may not be the EGR system at all, it could be something else, like a faulty computer, or damaged hose somewhere. Talk to the tech who scanned it. Ask for a printout of the codes and an explaination of each

AnswerI have been a Mazda tech for 16 years.There are most likely ports clogged in your intake manifold.first check for vacuum at the boost sensor (map sensor)the nipple on the intake can get clogged with debris.If that isn't it,you have the passages clogged in the intake with can get to these through the throttle body-you may want to remove it and the egr valve,use a coat hanger,wire,whatever it takes

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