What can you do with your hair when its cut in to a bob with blond hair?

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I used to have hair just like that, until I grew it out!
-There's always the short ponytail if its long enough for that...its cute and sticks out in the back. :)

-Try clipping a few of the front pieces back, or on top of your head with a cute clip. It will keep the hair of your face and add something a little different.

-You could put a stylish mini-braid down one side to add a little pizazz.

- If its straight, you can curl it. If its curly, you can straighten it. Just to add a little variety.
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Who has thicker hair Blondes or dark-haired?

I've wondered about this too. I'm not sure but I'm a brunette and I've lived with two blonde girls before and both had fine hair but lots of it. When comparing their strands to mine, they strands are thinner, but maybe they have more than I do? *soley my opinion*. Ima blonde.I have tons of hair.M ( Full Answer )

Is it better to have blonde hair or black hair?

It depends. Some people look better with black hair and some look better with blonde hair. For example if someone with dark skin died their hair platinum blonde then it would probably look very unnatural. And black hair would look very harsh someone with very pale skin and eyes. I suggest kepping yo ( Full Answer )

How do you cut hair?

you get some scissors and grab the hair and you want to use your fingers to outline your hair. Then you cut it in a straight line.!

How do you get blonde hair?

well, one simple thing, just bleach it and put blonde dye or you keep bleaching it and it will become lighter

What is blonde hair?

It is a pigmentation of hair.Usually described as the lightest hair color including white hair.

Is brown hair or blond hair dominant?

Blonde hair is recessive, so brown hair is heterozygous. But, there is still a 50-50 chance of the kids having either brown hair or blonde hair.

Do they cut your hair for a hair test?

It depends what you mean. If you are having a hair test to identify a medical problem, then you will probably need a full cut, as they will need a decent amount of hair (possibly 2 or 3 inches off the length if you have medium to long hair, a bit more if you have very long hair, and maybe an inch or ( Full Answer )

How do you cut hair into an inverted bob?

Well, it depends if you want a short or long inverted bob. If you want the short just take the clippers and buzz the back of your head until it starts to curve up. then just cut the rest of the hair until it is even. If you want the long just take the scissors and cut around the back until it is as ( Full Answer )

What do you do with cut hair?

You could paste the hair on a barbie that has seen better hair days or you could give it to locks for love.

Did Aphrodite have red hair or blond hair?

Aphrodite has been depicted with both blond and red hair throughout history. In a lot of ancient art, she usually has gold colored hair. However when portrayed in films and modern depictions, she's usually blond.

What do you cut hair with?

i would cut my hair with scissors or a razor blade,you know like shaving your facial hair.

Hair cuts for medium hair?

I have medium hair too. And what I think works best for medium hair is long and layers because it looks too thick if you cut it shorter.

Why do you get hair cuts?

Hair cuts are normally done to make your hair easier to manage or to give your head the illusion of a new shape such as a rounder look or a more angled look. Hair cuts are also used for style.\n \n Long hair is usually harder to manage and therefore will need a lot of patience and care, as well as a ( Full Answer )

If you get a hair transplantation can we cut that hair?

Of course, it will always grow back even if it's plucked out. This is your own hair that is simply moved from one spot to another. It will maintain the same characteristics as it had when it was growing in the back and on the sides of your scalp.

How do you get ash hair color out of blond hair?

Go to the beauty Supply and ask them for a toner to get the ash out. Toners are used to neutralize or cancel out any unwanted tones. For example a violet based toner will produce a light neutral blonde on prelightened yellow hair.

What is correct hair or hairs cut?

The answer is hair cut. eg: "I'm going to get a hair cut" "hairs cut" would only be correct grammar if you were going to get a few strands of you hair cut...which is highly unlikely, unless you're Homer Simpson ;o)

Is blonde hair the best hair color?

That of course depends on your opinion and facial features. You may look nice in a bleach blond hair color but better in a dark or strawberry blond hair color. YOU may even look "the best" in a black hair color or even a red hair color. So, yes blond CAN be the best hair color depending how it looks ( Full Answer )

Should you get black hair or blonde hair?

Here's a picture of me http://s912.photobucket.com/albums/ac325/MariahSceneHU4L/?action=view¤t=l_8a2d7ead736a421e80c118c290707bb4.jpg&newest=1 answer: I think black it looks like it gose well with your style and would suite you, plus its my fave cololour

How do you have blond hair?

Well, your hair follicles (where your hair grows out) has a certain pigmentation, or color!

Should you cut your hair into a bob?

If your hair is thick, yes. If not... Well, if you have thin hair, I wouldn't recommend it. Answer With thin hair, you need to get a particularly good cut for it to hold its shape, and possibly go shorter. basiclly YES u took my answer!!

Is blonde hair or brown hair prettier?

They are both beautiful :) Some people suit some colours better than others but none is prettier than the other. People are generally bias depending on their hair colour.

How do you dye your hair black if your hair is blonde?

Go to a salon and they will do it for you. But why would you want to dye your hair black when Blonde is much better? Id had blonde hair and then i dyed it darker and now i cant seem to get rid of it and my hair is really damaged. So If i was you i wouldn't :)

If you have blond hair is your pubic hair blond?

There have been questions like this one here in the past, mostly by people claiming to be blondes and have brown pubic hair, I'm glad I finally have the opportunity to clear things out. It depends A LOT on the person, some do, some don't. I'm a really blonde girl. My pubic hair is light blonde. The ( Full Answer )

Why did women in the 1950s have natural bob hair cuts?

I'm not sure what you mean by "natural" bob hair cuts. If you mean did they have bob cuts, I'm sure in the early 1950s that they did, but women in the 1940's are the women who started to chop off their hair into bobs. :)

How many hairs do you have on your head if you have blond hair?

Just because your hair is blonde, brown, red, whatever, doesn't effect the number of hairs on your head. In hair there is around 100,000 follicles, and each follicle can grow about twenty individual hairs in a lifetime. There is no average number of hairs on a human head, and no one really can tell ( Full Answer )

Is gold hair blonde hair?

Blond hair is sometimes described as having a golden color, depending on what hue the hair has.

Is blond hair close to red hair?

depends! is your hair bleach blonde like white or yellow blonde? or just light blonde. some people say "oh she has STRAWBERRY blond hair" but it depends on what blond your talking about. And kind of! Blond hair and natural red hair (natural red is when you just leave it and u dont make the red darke ( Full Answer )

Is red hair part of blonde hair?


Does a hair hygrometer need blond hair?

No. In fact, red hair is preferred for use in hygrometers becauseit has a higher coefficient of expansion in response to humiditythan hair of other colors. This refers, of course, to hair that isnaturally red, not dyed red.

How do you cut your hair into a bob?

To cut ur hair u need a good pair of hairstyling scissors. Neva use regular scissors cuz u will wind up wif split ends. To cut a bob put ur hair in a low ponytail goin back. Pull down the ponytail holder a bit. With the scissors go above the ponytail holder and cut the ponytail off. Thats it. Now u ( Full Answer )

Why you have to cut hair?

I suppose you don't, many women and men don't. But it is a lot easier to take care of short hair, therefore it stays cleaner and you get less split ends that come from long hair

How do you spell blond as in blond hair?

Blond": refers to as the color, whether it is blond hair or blond paper eg. The man has blond hair. Blonde": is used as a noun for a woman or girl with blond hair; sometimes used in a sexist way or slang terms eg. That blonde is beautiful.

Is blonde hair dominate to brown hair?

No,brunette hair is dominate because their are more of them.As well as being dominate,it doesnt mean that they are smarter

How do you cut our hair?

That's a big question that has a long answer. A great resource on this is HowToCutHairAtHome.com

Where did you get your hair cut?

I usually have my hair cut by a stylist at the salon in which I work. She couldn't make it to my appointment, so I ended up cutting my hair myself at home. It turned out pretty good. Not only do I color and highlight my own hair, but now I cut my own hair. So, to answer your question...... I got my ( Full Answer )

Is brown hair or blond hair prettier?

I would say it depends on the person and the gender but normally i would say brown because its a natural colour. BLONDE is beautiful though

Why do you have to cut your hair?

Because if you don't you will get split ends, and it will be hard to manage your hair. It will also look and feel unhealthy.

How do you get my hair blonde?

You colour your hair by the hairdressers it is only £55 or something like that, you can do it as well but it is much better by the hairdressers

Who cuts our hair?

BECAUSE you don't take good care of it you are'nt either doing it or really just don't care or not keeping it healthy

How can i make my short blond bob hair look nice?

I curl my hair and it looks really pretty, but I usually only do it for special occasions. For gym, put it in ponytails or buns if the hair on the back on your neck is to short stick some clips in it to hold, side ponytails are really sophistacated looking too.

What type of face suits bob hair cuts?

Generally bob hair cuts tend to look better on women with round faces. There are different types of bob cuts and both have been very popular and trendy cuts for 2012.