What can you do with your hair when its cut in to a bob with blond hair?

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I used to have hair just like that, until I grew it out!
-There's always the short ponytail if its long enough for that...its cute and sticks out in the back. :)

-Try clipping a few of the front pieces back, or on top of your head with a cute clip. It will keep the hair of your face and add something a little different.

-You could put a stylish mini-braid down one side to add a little pizazz.

- If its straight, you can curl it. If its curly, you can straighten it. Just to add a little variety.
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How do you get blonde hair?

well, one simple thing, just bleach it and put blonde dye or you keep bleaching it and it will become lighter

What is blonde hair?

It is a pigmentation of hair.Usually described as the lightest hair color including white hair.

How do you cut hair into an inverted bob?

Well, it depends if you want a short or long inverted bob. If you want the short just take the clippers and buzz the back of your head until it starts to curve up. then just c

How do you have blond hair?

Well, your hair follicles (where your hair grows out) has a certain pigmentation, or color!

Should you cut your hair into a bob?

If your hair is thick, yes. If not... Well, if you have thin hair, I wouldn't recommend it. Answer With thin hair, you need to get a particularly good cut for it to hold

If you have blond hair is your pubic hair blond?

There have been questions like this one here in the past, mostly by people claiming to be blondes and have brown pubic hair, I'm glad I finally have the opportunity to clear t

Is gold hair blonde hair?

Blond hair is sometimes described as having a golden color, depending on what hue the hair has.
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How do you cut your hair into a bob?

To cut ur hair u need a good pair of hairstyling scissors. Neva use regular scissors cuz u will wind up wif split ends. To cut a bob put ur hair in a low ponytail goin back. P
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How do you get my hair blonde?

You colour your hair by the hairdressers it is only £55 or something like that, you can do it as well but it is much better by the hairdressers
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How can i make my short blond bob hair look nice?

I curl my hair and it looks really pretty, but I usually only do it for special occasions. For gym, put it in ponytails or buns if the hair on the back on your neck is to shor