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moringa can help. Then there's also what you need to avoid, which is the following:

* citrus fruits (Oranges, lemons, etc.) and their juices

* tomatoes and related sauces, salsas, etc.

* tea and coffee, both caffeinated and decaffeinated; however, decaffeinated, non-mint herbal teas can be used

* peppermint and other mints

* alcohol

* fats, particularly animal fats

* chocolate

* soft drinks, particularly caffeinated, but even caffeine-free ones put carbonation in the stomach, which then pushes the acid out into the esophagus

* large servings and/or meals, which both generate a lot of stomach acid and also leave little room for the acid, forcing it into the esophagus

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Q: What can you eat safely if you have GERD?
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What is helpful for a resident who has GERD?

Eat in a reclined position

Are there diets for GERD victims?

Yes, there are a lot of diets out there for people who have GERD, you just have to watch what you eat. According to, people with GERD have to know what they can and cannot eat. On this website, there is a chart full of items that are recommended and ones you should avoid.

Is it good to eat banana and green apples with gerd?

no it is not good.

Is it possible to safely eat a light bulb?

It is not possible to safely eat a light bulb.

What are some side effects of GERD surgery?

After having GERD surgery, the patient will usually have to change the way they eat as they will only be able to eat soft foods until the surgery heals.

Can you eat steamed lobster if you have gastroesophageal reflux disease?

Yes. You can eat the same. This is no contraindication in GERD.

Can you safely eat a banana slug?


Can goats safely eat apples?

Yes, a goat can safely eat an apple. However, the animal should eat this type of food in moderation to maintain a healthy diet.

Is turtle poisonous?

No. You can safely eat it if you want.

Where is a verse about food in Bible?

How about you look up the Kosher Commandments that state what we can eat safely and Not eat safely. Leviticus chapter 11 includes these.

Can diabetics eat grapes safely?

Yes, diabetics can eat grapes safely, it's just how many you have, and when. Grapes are about 1 carb per grape.

What kind food do you avoid eating with gerd?

People with GERD should be sure to eat a lot of leafy green vegetables like broccoli and spinach. They should also eat fruits such as apples and bananas because they calm the acid in your stomach.

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