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that the Japanese like it short

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What can we learn about Japanese culture by studying haiku. Explain your answer in a brief paragraph below?

There is no one right answer regarding learning Japanese culture by studying haiku. A haiku is written to show the beauty of nature and the human heart, and almost always has a code word, or kigo, to symbolize seasons and plants.

Is a Japanese poetry called a haiku?

Yes read more books and you will learn more!

How did Japanese culture is learned?

Japanese culture is learned by having Japanese family members. When someone is around a specific culture all the time, they learn it without even trying.

What can you learn about Japanese culture?

the food, costumes and karate(maybe)

Is learning Japanese a good subject?

Generally speaking, there is a close and clear link between culture and language; and also CUISINE doubtless reflects CULTURE. As such, if you want to enjoy the RICH Japanese culture and therefore cuisine,you will need to learn Japanese.

How do you learn music in Egypt?

By studying their history and their civilization and their culture. Taking a trip to Egypt wouldn't hurt.

What can people learn by studying the Rosetta stone?

what the Egyptians wrote about their lifestyle and such. and find out the secrets about Egyptian culture

Why live in Japan?

For a serious answer you can learn about the Japanese culture and it does interest a lot of people because you learn about peoples way of life.

What do archaeologist learn from studying artifacts?

They may learn about how a certain culture may have lived or what they used in everyday life, by studying the artifacts they find in the "Digs". Hoped that helped ! PS I just answered my own question too. Lmao

Where can you learn to speak Japanese for free?

The best place to learn Japanese for free is to immerse within the culture with a visit to the country and speaking with everyone. The second best way to learn is by visiting local Japanese festivals, fairs, and places of recreation.

Why is it important to learn about different culture?

If you are ever planning to go out of the country you must know what the culture is of the place you are going so you don't offend someone or break a law. Plus, some of the things in our culture come from other cultures, so you can learn more about our culture by studying other cultures

What can you learn from greek mythology?

Studying Greek mythology gives us insight into the culture and moral ideals of a people who are long since gone.

What school word starts with j?

Journalism is a school subject. Students learn about the Japanese language and culture in school.

Why do you need to study Philippine poetry?

to better understand the history of our countryHere are some reasons to study poetry:Anything you learn makes you smarter!Studying poetry helps you learn how to communicate succinctly and efficientlyStudying poetry helps you appreciate culture and historyStudying poetry helps you understand how to communicate emotion in writing

Is it possible to learn Japanese online?

I have two friends currently taking a Japanese course and they both have trouble with the assignments. Japanese is a very complex and tricky language. You'd probably not be able to learn very much online other than the history and culture of Japan. I only now a bit myself from what I've picked up from my friends and frequenting Japanese culture festivals/ the Asian market/ and you learn a tiny bit from manga but honestly I think it is best learned with a tutor/teacher.

What can you do to learn about the culture?

which culture?

How do you learn transformations in geometry?


What can you learn from studying rock layers?

What can scientist find out by studying rock layers

How do you say you learn Japanese in Japanese?

'You learn Japanese' would be 'Anata WA nihongo wo naraimasu'.

What can scientists learn from studying owl pellets?

Scientists can learn quite a bit from studying owl pellets. They can learn exactly what the owl has been eating from what is found in the pellets.

What can you learn by studying fossils?

the fact that you can learn about the past, if your thinking about it, go for it

What can be learned from studying space?

Researchers can learn whether there are other beings in space by studying space. If there is other life out there, then we will be able to communicate and learn from them.

Is it possible to learn a language without studying grammar?

It is impossible to learn a language without studying grammar since it it is the crucial put of a language.

How do you write winter in japanese?

It would be something like this: Kanji: 冬 Hiragana: ふゆ Pronunciation: "fuyu" To learn more about Japanese language and culture, please visit us at ""

What is the word 'learn' when translated from English to Japanese?

Learn in Japanese is narau or manabu.To learn from is kangamiru.To learn by experience is koriru.