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What can you make?


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November 06, 2010 6:47AM

Humans "make" so many products and non-physical things, the list is endless:

Non-physical items that humans make include making a:

  • judgement
  • decision
  • plan
  • time
  • change
  • a life (for her or himself)
  • pronunciation (speech)
  • home

Humans also do many concrete or physical items or tasks, including making a or an:

  • alteration (such as revising a product or altering clothing)
  • clothing
  • electronics
  • numerous products
  • building / home / structures
  • art

Physically, humans can make:

  • a hug or embrace
  • a smile
  • a wave
  • a step forward or backward
  • a circle using the thumb and index finger
  • our bodies be washed
  • our teeth be brushed
  • love
  • a baby