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What can you say or do if you are 16 and your parents won't let you have pierced ears and you got them pierced on your own but your parents made you take them out?



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If you'd had a nose or tongue piercing I could see their concern, but piercing your ears has been around for a long time. It appears you broke the rule of "no" when you first asked and did it anyway, so they are teaching you to listen to their rules and when they say "no" they mean it. Personally, I feel it's unfair and if it were my daughter I wouldn't be too bent out of shape over it. Sit down with your parents and apologize if you went against their wishes and then ask them if you could please wear the earrings. You are 16 and not really considered too young. Many babies in Italy have their ears pierced. Tell them you'll start out with small earrings (not long dangly ones.) Give them food for thought. Tell them you are 16 and how can they tell you to act your age and then when you do they are treating you like a child. Don't be smug or rude to your parents, but try to get them to understand why you did it. If you don't wear at least the "sleepers" the holes will grow in.