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What can you see from outer space that is on earth?

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Quite a lot. Check Google Earth and see for yourself.

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Can you see color in outer space?

Yes, you would see the same way in outer space as you do on Earth.

Can you see the earth rotate from a space ship in outer space?


Can you see the earth move from outer space?


How do you know the earth rotates?

because spacecrafts can see that the earth spins from outer space :)

What things can you see from outer space on earth?

the great walls of china

What in outer space is closest to earth?

The moon is the closest thing in outer space to the earth.

Proofs of the shape of the earth?

The best proof of the shape of the earth is photographs from outer space. Since we have observed the earth from space we can see that it is actually an ellipsoid.

Is earth in outer space?

yes earth is in outer space so if someones says im gonna go to outer space no there going somewher else in space its because we have gravity so we will not float so yes earth is in outer space.

How does earth loses energy to outer space?

Earth loses energy to outer space through radiation.

What kind of rock falls to Earth from outer space?

Rocks that fall to earth from outer space are called meteorites.

Does it rain in space?

Not in outer space; but it does rain on Earth and Earth is in space so in a sense it does.

Earth loses heat energy to outer space mainly by?

Earth loses heat energy to outer space mainly by radiation.

Is the earth ever been photographed from outer space?

I think you mean "Has the Earth ever been photographed from outer space?" and yes it has.

Can you see the Panama Canal from outer space?

Google Earth apparrently can see a gnats whisker ! I'm thinking the only man made thing actually visible from outer space is the Great Wall of China, but I've yet to go into space.....

In which state is the outer space found?

Outer space is outside the Earth, not anywhere on the surface of this planet.

How far from earth is outer space in miles?

this question does not make sense. the earth is in space.......

How far is the earth from outer space?

Earth is in orbit around the sun...we're in space.

What is called between the earth and the moon?

space, or outer space

What are the three things you can see from outer space?

gonna say maybe the moon; the earth; stars..asteroids?

Why would you be able to see the earth move if you were in outer space?

i really don't know actually to be honest

Can you see a rainbow in outer space?

You cannot see rainbows from space.

How do you spell outer space?

That is the correct spelling of "outer space" (space away from Earth orbit, or away from the solar system).

Why might you see a galaxy in outer space?

Actually you can see at least three galaxies (the Andromeda galaxy; the Large Magellanic Cloud; the Small Magellanic Cloud) with the naked eye from Earth, without having to go into outer space.

Can you see the Great Wall of China outer space?

No you cant see the great wall of china from outer space O.o

What is a model of the earth from outer space?