What can you spray on your garden to kill grass and weeds but not kill my plants?

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a weedicide just go to a plant shop and demand for a weedicide you will get desired results example of weedicide is anthracine

Rangiku_Awata: My mom uses seven i think,but i may be wrong so go to a wal-mart near you and then go to the garden section, and then ask an employee there what to use.
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What homemade herbicide kills weeds without harming the grass?

At this time to my knowledge there is no such thing as a weedkiller that is selective enough not to kill grass. Your best bet isto find a weed killer and spray it directly on weeds while tryingto avoid the grass. Pulling out any weeds in your spare time willalso help. Killing weeds before they seed ( Full Answer )

How do you kill grass?

Kill Grass . \nThere are a lot of chemical weed and grass killers on the market, so if you are going to use chemicals to kill the grass, it is best to go to your local nursery or home improvement store and ask what they recommend. The chemical you use can depend on how much grass you want to kil ( Full Answer )

Can weed kill you?

Not directly. The active agent, THC, has some side effects on physiology and psychology, but addiction has fewer withdrawal symptoms than other illegal drugs. Still , there are lung effects analogous to cigarette smoking after chronic use, and the loss of proper judgment while "under the influence" ( Full Answer )

How do you kill weeds?

There are a number of ways to kills weeds. The best method and hardest to do, is to pull the weeds from the ground keeping the roots intact. This prevents the plants from continuing to grow and from spreading more seeds. Another method is to use chemical weed killer you can buy at most hardware stor ( Full Answer )

Can weed killer kill grass?

Yes , weed killers can kill grass. This happenswhen the herbicide kills non-selectively on contact.

Will vinegar and hot water kill grass around plants without killing plants?

The hot water, if only contacting the grass will not hurt the other plants, although the desirable plant's roots may extend beneath the soil to where the grass is. As for the vinegar component, also take care that it does not contact the roots or foliage as it works by stripping the protective coati ( Full Answer )

Does spray paint kill grass?

not unless you just go crazy with it and cover it to the roots if you just oversprayed some on the grass, the next time you mow it will cut it off

Do frogs kill garden plants?

Yes, some frogs in certain areas or certain states can tend todestroy the roots of some plants. They dig down into the soil whereits moist and cool.

Will weed spray kill dogs?

I hope you don't find out the hardway, but probably yes. if they sniff it too much in the grass, its pesticides remember.

Can weed kill?

Weed can not kill you it just gets you high but if you overdose on it, it will affect you in different kind of ways

Does spraying vinegar kill weeds?

Yes, sprayed vinegar kills weeds thanks to its acetic acid content. But it works best in restricted areas on younger nuisance plants since the spray otherwise may require a greater potency detrimental to desirable edibles and ornamentals in the immediate area.

How do you kill the weeds in your house plants?

Repotting may be the best solution. You have weeds in your houseplants, because you have weed seeds in the soil. Houseplants that are exposed to outside air may bring seeds back when they overwinter indoors. It requires great patience, keen eyesight, and meticulous attention to detail to try to rem ( Full Answer )

What kills weeds but not grass?

You need something labeled for "broadleaf" weeds if you want to be sure to exclude all varieties. If you want to spot treat, you can use a total veg. killer, but just hit the weeds.

How do you kill weeds in zoysia grass?

Target herbicides are the way to kill weeds in zoysia grass. The active ingredients benefin, bensulide, oxadiazon, prodiamine, and siduron control goose-grass while DSMA and MSMA treat post-emergent crab-grass. MCPP, triclopyr + clopyralid, or 2,4-D treat broadleaf weeds.

Does grass kill plants?

There is certain types of grass that kill plants, but normal yard grass will not, it also depends on the plants. But usually its the weeds that kill the plants, not the grass.

How to kill grass and weeds growing in Irish Moss?

After a good rain (or soaking), hold moss down with one hand while gently pulling weeds out through fingers with other hand. Apply sulfur to moss (makes soil more acid which moss likes but grasses don't). Keep watered (encourages moss, makes grass roots shallow and "lazy") Don't use roundup. Bad ( Full Answer )

Can I spray weeping love grass for weeds?

You can kill Broadleaf weeds in weeing love grass with 24d withoutharming the LG...I havent found a chemical to kill grassy weeds inlove grass yet.

Can you compost grass that has been treated with a product that kills weeds?

Yes you can compost grass that has been teated with a weed killer. Wether weed kill or some other product keep the product in mind when you use the compost. depending on the product you may not want to use it in your vegtable garden. In your case this would be great to use weed killer compost on the ( Full Answer )

How do you kill weeds and grass?

There are chemical products at your local store, formulated to kill weeds and unwanted things in your lawn!

Will spray paint kill grass?

My daghter used regular paint and spary paint in our yard one time and we did'nt find out until after she used it. so my husband was tryin to figure out how to get it to come off the grass. he took our hose and spared it down. Which made it come off a little bit. Then it stormed and that made it com ( Full Answer )

Weed killer that does not kill ice plant?

Magnesium Chloride can be used to kill weeds in ice plant. The California Department of Transportation has a document at http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/maint/manual/che(final).pdf that says: "Magnesium Chloride. Mixed at a rate of 3 pounds (1.36 kilograms) to a gallon." The document also states t ( Full Answer )

Is there a weed killer that kills weeds but not harm plants?

Well, weeds and plants are pretty much the same thing. Weeds are just invasive plants that we humans don't want to muddy up our aesthetic image of a good healthy garden or lawn. So essentially a weed killer is a plant killer, no matter how specific or non-specific the herbicide is. Most garden herbi ( Full Answer )

How do you kill a weed?

The best way to kill a weed is digging it up. Using bleach, or weed chemicals can kill the weeds, but they cause a problem. The chemicals sink into the ground, into underground lakes, kills the fishes or seeps into the ocean, causing a bigger problem, so the other best way is to pull them out, but n ( Full Answer )

What type of grass kills plants?

one type of grass that kills plants can be Johnson farm grass. they have poisonous roots to plants but not humans.

Can spraying vinegar on weeds kill mold?

Spraying weeds with vinegar kills mold when the vinegar is of theproper concentration diluted with water and joined by a pH testerto check acid, neutral and alkaline levels.

Will moth balls kill plants and grass?

Moth balls will not kill anything. Moth balls will simply keepspiders and moths away from the area where they are placed.

What kills garden weeds but not strawberries?

Herbicides with the active ingredients napropamide, sethoxydim, or 2,4-D are the kinds of weed killers that are safe to use around strawberries. The three herbicides in question control emerged weeds in established beds. Their effectiveness increases with such additional controls as mulching to reta ( Full Answer )

Can you plant grass over weeds?

It would be best to get rid of the weeds before planting grass seed. Weeds grow faster than grass, so if left in an area where you plan on planting grass, the weeds will usually crowd out the new grass seedlings and it will also rob the soil of nutrients that the seedlings will need to grow.

Why dont lawn weed killers kill the grass?

Lawn weed killers do not kill grass because the chemical in that lawn herbicide has been developed so that it only targets broad-leafed plants like dandelions and not grass.

How do you keep grass from regrowing in your garden and killing vegetables?

Grass, like weeds, will invade your garden no matter what you do ! My Ontario garden is to the side of my back yard, and I put a barrier into the ground between the lawn and the garden, and the grass still creeps into the garden, though it slows it considerably. Just keep pulling it out. The gra ( Full Answer )

How do weeds actually kill plants?

because when the plant is there then the weed will practically take all the nutrients and eat up the plant =)

Why is it that weed killers do not kill grass?

Selective weedkillers will only kill the targeted weeds. Total weedkillers will kill all green plants. Therefore if the weedkiller does not kill grass but other weeds in the grass, it is a selective weedkiller.

Can you use sodium chlorate to spray on peas to kill grass?

No, Sodium Chlorate is a non selective herbicide and will kill all green plants and vegetables. It is also highly toxic to humans and can lay dormant in the soil, so it should not be used where you are gong to plant edible crops.

Why do weed killers not kill other plants?

Selective weedkillers target a specific type of plant. They may beable to damage only a certain part of the target plant or disruptone kind of biological process, both of which it will not do tonon-target plants.