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What can you take for pain besides Tylenol if you are 12 weeks' pregnant and have an abcsessed tooth?

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It is typically safe for pregnant women to take opiates during pregnancy. Often doctors hesitate to prescribe other types of drugs because of the risks. When under a doctors care opiate analgesics are a good option.

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What can a pregnant woman take for tooth pain?

I work in a dental office. Tylenol and Vicodin are usually safe - ask your dentist and OB/GYN for specifics.

Recommended tablets after tooth extraction?

If you mean for pain, normally Tylenol #3...or Tylenol with codeine!

When can you get rid of the pain of an erupting wisdom tooth?

TYLENOL! Tylenol will help ease the pain if it still has pain after the Tylenol then i recommend seeing the doctor asap!

8 months pregnant on Tylenol codeine for an impacted and infected wisdom tooth and still have severe pain what can I do?

Try heat and/or ice packs. Why hasn't your dentist pulled this tooth for you??? Should be easy I would think; talk to your Dr and dentist.

Is it normal for a tooth next to an extraction site to hurt?

Yes, very normal I've had 11 teeth pulled and i realized that every tooth next to each spot where tooth was hurt so I suggest Advil or Tylenol.

Can you take co-codamol painkillers for toothache you are pregnant?

Tylenol is allowed, anything else you have to ask your doctor about. And you should get that tooth fixed since you can't take strong painkillers and leaving it will make it worse. It can also cause a infection.

What can you do for a toothache while pregnant?

if you already past your 1st trimester you can get your tooth treated but ask your obgyn i work in a dental and we have treated pregnant women for tooth aches but with a dr. concent

Is there anything a person can do besides pulling the tooth if you have a broken root for the tooth?

Yes, depends how badly it's broken and how much money you want to spend.

What is the best way to pull out a tooth?

Try biting into an apple, and if that scares you can gently wiggle it with your tongue. Sometimes it will even fall out on its own. My daughter Z'nnya had a loose tooth and it made her have headaches every day, so I gave her Tylenol, and the pain stopped about 2-3 hours later. I reccomend using Tylenol for any loose teeth. You should try using it because it is worth its cost. I get my Tylenol from Wal-Mart on the medicine aisle. There are other medicines that work good, but not as great as Tylenol. Try Tylenol, and if you dont like it (which I know you will) try another brand.

Could you be pregnant if your period is due and you have slight cramps but your breasts do not hurt and you do not have a sweet tooth like you normally do when you are pregnant?

Every one is different. When I was pregnant I did not have a sweet tooth until I was in my third trimester. The slight cramps could be pre-menstural cramps.

What is made with the help of bacteria besides Swiss Cheese?

-- tooth decay -- stomach gas -- antibiotics

When you are pregnant Can it hurt your baby if the dentist has to pull teeth?

No it doesnt hurt the baby in anyway when you pull out a tooth from a pregnant lady.

Is it safe for pregnant to take out tooth?

Yes and it would probably be worse leaving it.

What can you do with a blue tooth besides talking on the cell phone?

Send Pictures, Videos, Text and Music for free.

Is it ok to take amoxicillin while 30 weeks pregnant for an abscessed tooth?

It is only safe if it is prescribed by a dentist who is aware the patient is pregnant.

Can you pull your wisdom tooth while pregnant?

Yes you can. Read more in the link below.

Is it ok to get a tooth pull while pregnant?

Yes it is. Read more in the link below.

What pain pill is better for tooth pain?

ibuprofen and Tylenol work well also there are these Q-tip type things you can get at Walgreen's from the brand ORA-GEL they get rid of tooth aches instantly. I used them when i was going to have a root canal. They work

What else did Mozart do in his life besides write music?

He was the boss of a tooth brush factory and married Lady Gaga.

Is it ok to take novamoxin while 7 weeks pregnant for an abscessed tooth?

Talk to your Dr first and make sure your dentist knows that you are pregnant.

What happen if you get your wisdom teeth taking out while pregnant?

I had one wisdom tooth pulled while I was 5 months pregnant and it hurt really bad! First of all i had to have an X-ray so they put 4 of those vests on me and then since they couldn't give me novacaine they gave me lidocaine which is like nothing! I felt my tooth crack!! It hurt so bad. Then because I was pregnant, I wasn't allowed to take anything but tylenol. I might as well been popping tic tacs because the pain was excrutiating for days! If I were you I'd do my best to wait. Unless the pain is that unbearable. Sorry Im just being honest.

How long was a saber-toothed tiger pregnant?

how long are saber tooth tigers pregnent

How do you stop toothache pain?

Get the tooth fixed by a doctor. Tylenol and Advil may help, but until you get the infection removed, it will keep hurting (unless the nerve in the tooth dies. But when that happens, it's probably a deep cavity and you'll need a root canal to fix it.)

Why do you use tooth paste when you brush your teeth?

Because they really haven't created anything else to clean your teeth besides mouthwash

How long does it take for a nerve to heal after injury from wisdom tooth extraction?

It should not last longer than a couple of days.. Your dentist should have given you a prescription for Tylenol 3, gargle with a little warm salt water this will speed up the recovery and take some ordinary Tylenol or asperine.

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