Third Trimester
Inducing Labor

What can you take or do to induce labor when you are full-term or overdue?


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Remember, that anything before 38 weeks is preterm labor, and the baby may not be ready! Early birth can mean immature lungs, jaundice, and other problems. It is better to be patient, and let your body go into labor on its own. If there is something wrong, or some reason that the doctor feels labor should be induced, (s)he will let you know, and schedule an appointment. It will then be done in a controlled environment, with medications that are known to work. This will reduce the chances of harm coming to you, or your baby.


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Raspberry Tea will help to 'ripen' your cervix for labour, But not induce it. I was advised to seek reflexology to induce labour? Other old wives tale items that are supposed to induce labour are pineapple, a hot curry and sex

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Um...DON'T. That baby is in there for a reason...not just to bother you with back pain and uncomfortable sleeping positions. Take a deep breath, and WAIT. Your beautiful child will decided for themself when it is best to come.

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Please do not take any thing to induce the labour. That is the decision taken by your gynaecologist.

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You can take castor oil to induce labor, rather than mineral oil, and it's important to verify any medication you might take with your doctor, rather than with the Internet.

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3x a of 500 mg Do not use black cohosh to induce labor. It thins out the blood so you bleed more during labor. If you ask your doctor he will tell you not to take anything to induce but stick to safe methods like spicy food, walks and sex.

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