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Remember, that anything before 38 weeks is preterm labor, and the baby may not be ready! Early birth can mean immature lungs, jaundice, and other problems. It is better to be patient, and let your body go into labor on its own. If there is something wrong, or some reason that the doctor feels labor should be induced, (s)he will let you know, and schedule an appointment. It will then be done in a controlled environment, with medications that are known to work. This will reduce the chances of harm coming to you, or your baby.

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Q: What can you take or do to induce labor when you are full-term or overdue?
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Im 40 weeks plus 3 days now overdue and not having contractions can rasberry tea help you to induce labor and cope with labor and how much should you take please help you this is your first pregnanc?

Raspberry Tea will help to 'ripen' your cervix for labour, But not induce it. I was advised to seek reflexology to induce labour? Other old wives tale items that are supposed to induce labour are pineapple, a hot curry and sex

What can you take or do to induce labor when you are full term or overdue?

Um...DON'T. That baby is in there for a reason...not just to bother you with back pain and uncomfortable sleeping positions. Take a deep breath, and WAIT. Your beautiful child will decided for themself when it is best to come.

Do you take black and blue cohash together to induce labor?

Please do not take any thing to induce the labour. That is the decision taken by your gynaecologist.

How much mineral oil do you take to induce labor?

You can take castor oil to induce labor, rather than mineral oil, and it's important to verify any medication you might take with your doctor, rather than with the Internet.

How many black cohosh pills do you take daily to induce labor?

3x a of 500 mg Do not use black cohosh to induce labor. It thins out the blood so you bleed more during labor. If you ask your doctor he will tell you not to take anything to induce but stick to safe methods like spicy food, walks and sex.

How much cod liver oil do you take to induce labor?

None. Cod liver oil does not have that effect.

What are some things you can do to induce your labor?

deep knee bends......or take a good laxitive DON'T TAKE LAXITIVES!!!! The baby will come when it's ready and usually your doctor will let you go over your due date by 2 weeks. If the baby still hasn't showed signs of dropping then then doctor will induce labor.

Can drinking caster oil cause miscarriage?

It is good to take during pregnancy for women who are overdue and are tired of waiting. Caster oil will put you in labor.

How much castor oil do you take to start labor?

You don't! This is something that women used to do decades ago, but it can actually be harmful to the baby, and it doesn't work. If your doctor feels you are too far past your due date, he will either induce your labor, or he will do a C section. Please, don't try to self induce your labor on your own.

How much walking does it take to induce labor?

usually it takes about two and a half hours. well for me it did but u can also try to do swats and that will help

How long will castor oil take to induce mylabour?

Well, it may have other effects instead, since it will make your stools looser. There is not really evidence that castor oil will induce labor, unless coincidentally, the baby is ready to come.

Does clary sage oil bring on labor?

Clary Sage essential oil can bring on labor. It has a soothing effect on hormones and can help with pain during pregnancy. It can also induce pregnancy, so only take if you are ready to deliver.

Does birth control pills induce labor in early pregnancy?

No BCP cannot cause an abortion or miscarriage but if you try to take enough to cause this, it will make you seriously nauseous and you'll vomit.

How long does ginger root tea take to put you into labor?

There is no scientific evidence that tea helps induce labour. It is known however that some teas can cause false contractions, but not labour.

How soon is to soon to take castor oil to induce labor I am 37 weeks and 5 days?

Don't use castor oil to try and induce labor as the side effects are not worth it, plus there isn't any actual proof that is will work. If you are looking for safe and effective, painless way to induce labor at home then maternity acupressure may be for you. Check out this website, I bought the book, only $29 and it worked great, well worth the cost of the book. I was 41 weeks along, the best part it actually helped reduce the pain of labor and it was well worth the cost of the book to finally meet my beautiful baby boy.

Will doctors induce labor if mother is sufferingdepression?

Depends on how far along you are and how sever the depression is. There is some medication you can take when pregnant if it's really bad and better later in the pregnancy than early.

How long will it take for you to induce lactation?

2 weeks

Is it safe to take black cohosh with castor oil to induce labor?

Herbs that can induce any type of cramping should be avoided. That's like taking medication and to medicate yourself when your baby is not ready (if it was you would be in labor) is foolish and irresponsible. Black cohosh thins your blood and can cause you to bleed more during labor. Castor oil does not give you contractions directly, it gives you diarrhea. Those cramps are believed to sometimes bring on labor but usually it's just you sitting on the toilet with the runs. So stay away from the oil and start taking walks, have sex and eat spicy food if you want to try to induce by yourself. They think it's better for the body to start by itself though. Be patient.

Where can you buy castor oil to induce your labor?

You should not induce labor. Only a qualified obstetrician is knowledgeable enough to be the one that jumpstarts the process. If your body isn't already in labour, there is a reason for this, probably because it isn't ready. Please don't take this into your own hands. Castor oil often just causes vomiting and diarrhea, which isn't something you want during labour. It is also proven not to be effective at inducing labour.

What is medical termination of pregnancy?

When you take medication to induce the abortion.

Is it possible to induce your period?

Take a knife...............and stab repeatedly.

Is 32 weeks too soon to take castor oil to induce labor?

You have 2 months to go so yes, it is way too early. His lungs are not done developing yet. If you need to be induced the doctor will help you.

Does blue cohosh work to induce labor and how long does it take?

Be careful when using and use a small amount and be sure to talk to your health care provider. Cohosh is known to help contractions. Only use when you are beyond 40 weeks pregnant

Can oxytocin cause harmful effect to 4 weeks old pregnancy?

First of all should you never take anything when pregnant without asking your doctor. And second, no. Oxytocin can be used to induce labor in the last trimester but not cause abortion.

Is it OK to take pleasure enhancers while pregnant?

Uhm...if i were you I wouldn't take pleasure enhancers while you are pregnant. There are some chemicals in pleasure enhancers that may induce labor prematurely. Consult with your doctor before you do anything like that. Its better to be safe than sorry. Be careful. Best wishes!