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There is no quick fix for this one and that's why steroids have always been badly used. Don't take steroids as they lead to heart attacks, just look at Governor Arnold S.! I was amazed to hear recently he made a statement that he has never regretted taking steroids. Duhhhh! Eating a lot of protein and exercising is the best way to get good muscle, but also a balanced diet of grains, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, those 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water (more if you are working out or playing a game.) Gateraid or other supplements to replace the salt you have just sweated out is another good source. Pump iron! Keep your body clean from drugs!

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Does the size of a persons hand impact how far they can throw a football?

yes! the bigger the hand, the better the grip and stronger the muscle

How much area does a tornado take up?

it depends on how strong the tornado is the stronger it is the bigger it will be

Dose creatine make your arms bigger and not stronger or both?

It makes you bigger and stronger for me at least it did.

If you walk will you legs get bigger?

They will get stronger, but not necessarily bigger.

Which is bigger Vertebrate or invertebrates?

vertebrates are bigger and stronger

What is stronger a hamster or rat?

Rats tend to be bigger and stronger.

Why do males have stronger lungs then females?

Not really stronger, but males have bigger chests proportionally, which can hold bigger lungs.

How is a bigger magnet stronger than a smaller magnet?

b/c it is just bigger so it has a stronger pull

Will a smaller or bigger football go further?

A bigger football will go further than a smaller football.

Why did the English take over the Irish food and land?

They were bigger, stronger, and would benefit from their Irish plunder.

Is a spartan or an elite in halo stronger?

elites are stronger for they are bigger, but they arent stronger by a large amount.

Why are wolves stronger than a fox?

they are more powerful and stronger and bigger

Is a crocodile stronger then a snake?

Crocodiles are much bigger and stronger then a snake

Are cheerleaders stronger than football players?

anyone who says football players are stronger, don't know what they're saying cheerleaders are so much stronger

Which football is bigger the NCAA football or the NFL football?

the nfl

Who is bigger wolf or hyena?

A wolf is bigger and stronger than a hyena.

Which storm is bigger Neptune or Jupiter?

Jupiter's bigger, Neptune's stronger.

Is the hulk bigger than Superman?

Yes, the Hulk is bigger than Superman. Not stronger, but bigger.

Which are stronger whales or dolphins?

Whales are usually bigger, so usually stronger.

Is tarantulas stronger than a tarantula wasp?

Definitely, a tarantula is bigger and stronger.

What is stronger a bull or an ram?

Bull, definitely cause its much bigger and stronger.

Is a youth football bigger than a junior football?

Yes, a youth is bigger than a junior.

Who is stronger a pitbull or a germen shepherd?

pound by pound the pitbull is stronger and even stronger than bigger dogs.

What is bigger a tornado or a black hole?

A black hole is much bigger, but not only bigger, it is also stronger.

Is a college football bigger than a high school football?

yes they are bigger than high school.

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