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There is a phone number (555-6789) that works only on Nabooti Island, and four numbers that create costume changes. But the changes are not easily reversible!

  • 911- Police hat
  • 411- Brain Helmet
  • 1225 - Santa / elf suit
  • 1337 - Nerd disguise (Ned Noodlehead)

(see related question)

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How do you get 100000 credits in poptropica?

you type in a number on the nabooti island phone=758595

How do you beat nobotti island on poptoprica?

type in nabooti

What number can you type in the phone to get the santa costume on nabooti island?

The number is 1225 (12/25 being Christmas), but it is actually an elf costume, although it comes with a Santa bag.

In nabooti island how do you get through the pyramid?

You go to your cell phone and type in 555-6789 and the man, Vince will leave. Got to his bag and get out the jewel. Got to the top of the Sphinx and use the jewel. the door will open. Go inside and line up the lines on the panel. Watch out for scorpions, though!

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