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see intunal problums....sist on your overys...swolan limfnods..

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Q: What can you use an ultrasound for other than prenatal care?
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What Prenatal birth went on at St Luke Roosevelt NY hospital in May 1989?

You can't have a prenatal birth. Natal means birth. For example words like prenatal ultrasound scan, and postnatal depression refer to before birth and after birth You can have a premature birth. This is when a baby is born earlier than 9 months The event was probably misreported as a prenatal birth by an ignorant journalist and missed by the editor.

What is the most accurate gender predictor other than an ultrasound?

cat scan or a ct

Why use ultrasound and not xray?

xrays are more dangerous than ultrasound

Can you urinate blood after an abdominal ultrasound?

NO an abdominal sonogram/ultrasound will not cause youto urinate blood. If you had that symptom before it was caused by something other than the ultrasound. An ultrasound is a test using high frequency sound waves to take images of your internal organs

Why is ultrasound less dangerous than x rays?

because ultrasound is not radiation

I am five months pregnant is it to late for prenantal care?

No, I was about five months along before I was able to get prenatal care. Don't worry, as long as you get it eventually. Also, it doesn't matter when you get care, a little is better than giving birth in your bathtub at home.

If I am allergic to fish can I get Omega 3 from another supplement other than fish oil?

Some prenatal omega 3 supplements are created with algae rather than fish because of the mercury in fish. Check out the prenatal omega supplements to see what they say.

Does an ultrasound detect cancer?

Yes, ultrasound can detect cancer. Ultrasound uses sound waves to create an image of parts of the body which may contain tumours. Ultrasound is useful to detect tumours in soft parts of the body, such as the liver. It is cheaper and more portable than other ways of cancer detection.

Can over the counter prenatal vitamin show up in a drug test?

No. Unless your doing something other than the bottle directs

What other jobs are men discriminated against in other than the following four mammography ultrasound general radiography and reporting?

Waitressing at Hooters.

Do they make gummy prenatal vitamins?

They make chewy prenatal vitamins but not gummy ones. Prenatal vitamins shouldn't be taken by children, just pregnant women. They have more vitamins than normal.

What travels faster than ultrasound?

Just to give some clarity, ultrasound doesn't travel faster than sound. It simply resonates at a higher frequency than normal sound. Sound in a lighter atmosphere, or light travels faster than ultrasound.

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