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Q: What can you use in place of coriander in a recipe?
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What can you use to substitute fresh coriander?

If the recipe calls for coriander seeds, cumin and caraway seeds are good substitutes. If the leaves of coriander is what is required for the recipe, this is also known as cilantro. In this case, fresh parsley can be used as a substitute.

What is the ratio for substituting ground coriander for coriander seeds in a recipe?

One teaspoon coriander seeds equals one teaspoon ground coriander.

What can you use in place of applesauce?

What can be used in place of applesauce in a recipe?

What is the recipe for Garam Masala?

Grab a bowl, mix cumin, coriander, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg into it. Place mix in an airtight container and store in a cool, dry place.

What can you use in place of shortening in your cookie recipe?

If you want to cut down on the fat content, you can use applesauce in place of shortening in your cookie recipe.

What can you use to substitute ground coriander?

Coriander is cilantro seeds so I would use cilantro

Can you use a red onion in a chili recipe in place of a sweet onion?

You can use any kind of onion in a chili recipe.

What is a great chicken recipe to try?

I made Anne Burrell's Coriander Chicken and Hammered Cauliflour last night. You can find the recipe online. First, you coat the chicken with salt and coriander, then fry it til it is brown and crispy. Then roast it with the vegetables. It was a hit!

What can you use in place of shortening for a icing recipe?

whip cream

Can you substitute coriander powder for coriander seeds?

Yes, just reduce the amount you use.

Can you sub ground coriander for fresh coriander leaves?

No you can't. Fresh coriander is when you use the leaves and ground coriander uses the seed of the plant. Their flavour is quite different from each other.

Are coriander and oregano the same?

Coriander and oregano are not the same. Coriander and cilantro are the same, however. Generally people use the term coriander when referring to the seed and cilantro when referring to the grown plant.

Can you subsitute ground coriander for whole coriander?

The flavour should still be the same so yes. However, if you are using coriander to add colour, then it is best to use whole, fresh coriander.

If you dont have whipping cream for a recipe what can you use in place of it?

Double cream

What can you use in place of cream cheese in a dip recipe?

yogurt and spices

What are you supposed to do when you use a recipe to make something?

keep the place clean

How much fresh coriander do you use instead of dried?

The general answer for herb and spice conversions is 3 parts of fresh for 1 part of dried. For example, if a recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of dried coriander leaf (also known as cilantro leaf), use 3 tablespoons of fresh instead. However, this conversion does not work for anything that is ground, such as coriander seed. This formula is only for whole spices or herbs.

Can you use halfnhalf in a baking recipe in place of evaporated milk?

no it would change the consistency of the recipe and not make it come out right

Do not have ground coriander what can you use?

cumin or omit it

What is the price of coriander per kg?

it depends on the place you live in!!.

What can you use in place of frozen lemonade in a cookie recipe?

well you can put milk shake or juice in place

What can you use in place of wheat bran in a recipe?

sweet and sour and nice gravy

Can you use unsalted butter in place of salted butter in a recipe?

yes, but if extra salt is added in the recipe you may want not to add it.

How much fresh coriander is equal to dried coriander?

Use 1 tbsp dried coriander for 3 tbsp freshly chopped.

Can you use dark corn syrup in place of maple syrup for carrot recipe?

Yes, you can use dark corn syrup in place of maple syrup in a carrot recipe, but be aware the taste of the finished product will not have a maple flavor.