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I have been able to keep my SEVERE polyps under control with two doses of 80 milligram Oxycontin per day. I will be having my SECOND surgury very soon. However, no " Doctor " will ever listen to why this works, or prescribe this Med. for any patient. You will be assumed to be an Abuser. This powerful anti inflammitory ( and headache moderator) works. I am 52 years old, former Racehorse Trainer, and have NEVER!!! abused ANY medication!!! Hope this helps someone. It took me 5 years to find out by accident. Thank God....I get a little sleep, without waking up gasping for breath everytime my mouth closes in sleep.

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Q: What can you use instead of Prednisone for nasal polyps?
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What can you use instead of prednisone to shrink nasal polyps?

Neil Med saline wash works well. And I see my ENT doctor every 3 months for maintenance with prednisone. Consult with your physician.

What can you use to treat nasal polyps?

Some say steroids. Surgery can also help it.

What can you use instead of prednsone to cure nasal polyps?

My doctor gives me a shot of kenalog approx. every 4 months to help treat my nasal polyps. It usually clears up everything for about 2 months and then slowly they come back over the next 2 months. I also use flonase daily and sinus rinse once or twice a day. It was definitely an improvement over the prednisone bursts and lasted much longer. Also, if you haven't been tested for allergies at all or in a few years, you should see if any allergies exist. I found that after 3 years I acquired quite a few more reactions and also now use antihismines where needed.

How often should you use Avamys nasal spray?

For Nasal Polyps - Once a day, and until your doctor tells you to stop taking it - which could be for the rest of your life - provided no other cure is available.

What do you use prednisone for?

I use prednisone eye drops for sarcoidosis in my eye

What can you use instead of Prednisone?

I am assuming you are using prednisone to treat an epidermal (skin) rash/irritation? If that specific cream is not alleviating the symptoms, it may be in your best interest to have a MD examine it - at that point, the correct medication will be prescribed. RBB, MD

What is Prolonged use of Prednisone?

five years

Can a human use dog Prednisone?


How can vocal cord nodules and polyps be prevented?

Careful use of the voice will prevent most vocal cord nodules and polyps. Avoiding inhaled irritants, may also prevent nodules and polyps from forming.

Is Prednisone safe for drug addicts?

Prednisone can cause euphoria and other mood alterations. A recovering addict should discuss the use of prednisone with their doctor to be sure that it is a good option for them.

How do you stop stuffy nose?

use a vaporizor to open congested nasal passage and use a decongestant nasal spray

Why only Prednisone tablet use in calibration of dissolution test?

coz Prednisone tablets are very sensitive to dissolved gasses.

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