What can you use limestone for?

>Limestone is used in buildings and roads.

>Limestone can be used in glass making.

>Limestone is used in toothpaste.

>Limestone is used in cement and mortar.

>Limestone is used in bread and cereals as a source of calcium.

>Limestone is used to make paper white.

>Limestone is used to purify sugar.

>Pulverized limestone is used to neutralize acidic soils.

>Limestone can be used to make brake pads.

>Limestone is used in the preparation of wools and dyes. >Limestone is used to make antacids. >Limestone is used in climbing walls. >Limestone is used a suppression of methane explosions in underground coalmines. >Limestone is added to plastics, paint, tiles and other materials as both white pigment and cheap filler. >Limestone is used in the manufacture of quicklime (calcium oxide) and slaked lime (calcium hydroxide). >Limestone can be used to create steel by using it in a blast furnace.