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For the body you should buy a glo-cloth that you can buy at any music store. They also make guitar polish that when used with the cloth, is excellent. They make separate glo-cloths for silver and gold hardware. For the strings you can get Dunlop 65 string polish to clean them up and extend their life. For the fretboard use lemon oil to keep it moist.

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What should you use to clean your electric guitar?

You can use sponge or dry cloth. have a good day!

Can you use electric guitar strings on an acoustic electric guitar?


Can i use electric guitar pedals on an acoustic guitar?

You can use an electric guitar pedal with an acoustic, as long as it has a pickup system built into it!

Can you use an electric guitar amp with an electric acoustic guitar?

If the electric acoustic guitar is equipped with the appropriate equipment for amplification, then the guitar is suitable for any amplifier.

Can you use wendex to clean your electric guitar?

Cleaning an electric guitar if the body is really bad and needs something like wendex i suggest you take off the strings to start with, spray the wendex onto the cloth and not the guitar, work it around the body spraying onto the cloth as you do, then buff up with a clean cloth.

Can you use an electric guitar amp for an electric rhythm guitar?

Rhythm and lead are just styles of playing the same instrument. You can use an electric guitar amp to play either style.

What are those things that you use to tune a guitar?

guitar tuner.they have the for Bass guitar/electric guitar/and accustic guitar/and they have them that will tune both electric/accustic guitar/some plug into the guitar and some dont.

How do you use an electric guitar as an acoustic guitar?

Acoustic Simulator pedal...

What can one do with a guitar pickup?

With a guitar pickup one can turn an acoustic guitar into an electric guitar. They use string vibrations generated from playing and turn it into electric current.

Can you use a capo on an electric guitar?


Can you use polyurethane on an electric guitar?


What do you use to polish a guitar?

If you don't have guitar polish , pledge or furniture polish will work , DO NOT spray directly on the guitar. don't use it on an electric guitar.

What instrument does sleepwalking use?

The use a Steelguitar,and a electric guitar

Can you play music for an acoustic guitar on an electric guitar?

Yes. The electric guitar and acoustic guitar are played essentially the same way (I've never seen an acoustic with a whammy bar, but you don't have to use it on an electric either).

What equipment does Paramore use?

Paramore uses the Rythm Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric bass, a Microphone, and another guitar. i apologize i dont know what kind.

What kind of guitar did heart use?

they use electric and acuostic . The male guitarist uses a electric and the female guitarist uses a acoustic . I think the electric guitar is a les paul but I'm not sure

How is the ecoustic guitar different from an electric guitar?

Acoustic guitars use the natural acoustics of a guitar to amplify the sound whereas an electric guitar uses magnetic pickups to listen to the vibration of the strings so it can be amplified by an electric amp

What product do you use to clean the spruce top of your guitar?

A clean duster/cloth should be sufficient to lift finger marks, guitar polish for a deeper clean but spray it onto the cloth not the guitar and keep it clear of the strings. If you have no guitar polish use a polish specially for wooden furniture but use sparingly. Always use clean cloths or dusters in case they have been use with any other cleaning products.

Can you use your Electric-Acoustic with an Electric amp?

Sure you can but, it will not sound near as good as if you use an amp made just for acoustic guitars. Electric guitar amps all have distortion even if it is set and sounds perfectly clean to your ears....distortion is not an acoustic guitars friend. If you dont believe me go to a guitar store and plug in an electric acoustic into each will see what I mean.

Can you use a radio as an electric guitar amplifier?

yes you can

What guitar does creed use?


Can you use a guitar amp for an electric violin?


What type of guitar does escape the fate use?


Can you use an electric guitar in an acoustic amplifier?


Who are the musicians that use electric guitar?

ME Justin bieber

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