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Bruce Hardwood Flooring and Laminate Cleaner. Available at Home Depot.

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Smudge isn't a Moshling.

The plural of smudge is smudges.

The plural of smudge is smudges.

It's possible depending on how bad the smudge is. You can try using nail polish remover to blend in the smudge with the reguler polish then use a clear coat over and over again until the smudge goes away.

there was a smudge on the famous painting

that looks like a smudge on the window :)

are smudge legal in california

I like to smudge my hands with cake batter

Your finger left a smudge on the otherwise clean window.

smudge tool is a tool that adds the effect of a smudge. it is useful for blending or smoothing out colors and can make a softer look.

i dout it smudge and princess are kittypets PS they have no idea were there new home is

Select Smudge Tool in Toolbox and paint over areas on image

A smudge does not invalidate a license. As long as it is legible, there won't be any problems.

due to the presence of protocatechuic acid red onions are resistant to smudge.

Wet it and rub it on your skin, if their is a green smudge then it's fake. If it does not smudge then it's real.

Five letter words that have a meaning similar to smudge:stainsmeartinge

Yes, but be aware that the sun can start to crack the paint leaving the paint cracked and ruined. You will probably have to coat the paint for durability. Water may also smudge off the paint.

When I was writing in pen, I accidently placed my hand over what I had written and then that carelessly left a big smudge on my page!

Example sentence - Their house had the odor of having been subjected to the use of a smudge pot.

on left side 13.icon from top,press little arrow and choose smudge

maybelline's new smudge free eye liner................. itzz d best

Ulta makes a really great smudge proof eyeliner that lasts many hours.

Annie M.G Schmidt has written: 'Dusty and Smudge Splash the Soup (Starting Books)' 'Dusty and Smudge and the Bride (Starting Books)' 'Dusty and Smudge Spill the Paint (Starting Books)'

No. If it is written with pencil it can be erased and re-written without any smudge and nobody can detect it. hence it is not legal

Ther is a company in Australia called Henstock Technologies selling a smudge pot or choofa, called a "Demon"

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