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Satellite Television gives viewers many more viewing options than Cable Television. Some of these are: * Sports: Nobody can watch the amount of sports coverage available on satellite TV. Almost every game of every sport can be seen. Everything from College Sports to professional sports is accessible. Most of these are also in the unscrambled version and thus free of cost. * Education: Premium courses as well as college lectures can be seen. Courses of the graduate level are also available. You can watch these to improve your education or sometimes even to gain credits. * News: Live broadcast can be viewed. Even the gory and explicit stuff is shown live before the edits and cuts. Catch the action as it happens; something that can never be seen on cable television. * Space Stuff: There is at least one full time NASA channel on satellite television. These give you 24-hour coverage and not just the launch and little news snippets as on cable television. You can also see the various activities and experiments conducted by NASA. * International TV: Satellite TV gives you access to Mexican TV (with subtitles) and also Canadian TV, which is considered by some to be much better than American TV. * Business Programs: Many meetings, conferences, and conventions of various enterprises and businesses can be viewed through satellite systems. Although these are scrambled so as not to be accessible, there are still a lot that are not scrambled and can be seen. * Audio Channels: All kinds of music can be sourced using the satellite dish. AM, FM radio, talk shows, and 24-hour music channels can be availed of. You can end up listening to your satellite TV more than seeing it. Not possible with cable television. * Edited Stuff: Many shows and programs never make it to cable television and are discarded. These shows can be seen on satellite television. A lot more stuff such as lotteries, dog racing, court trials, etc can be seen on satellite television which would not be possible through cable television.

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Q: What can you watch on satellite television that you cannot on cable television?
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Can you watch tv with tv card?

Yes. You would need to hook the cable/Satellite box cable up to the computer.

What is similar between cable and satellite tv?

Cable and Satellite TV are both pay television services. They both have programming packages that you can choose from depending on your budget and which channels you prefer to watch.

Which is better in your opinion, Satellite TV, or Cable TV?

Well, depending on what shows you want to watch and how often you would like to watch them. Usually, satellite can be blocked by storm clouds or clouds in general. I would say that cable is better.

Do you need an hd tv to watch hd?

Yes. You need an HD Television to watch programming in high-definition. You can get HD programming from cable or Satellite TV - Satellite TV offers more HD choices.

Is dish cable or antenna?

Dish TV is a satellite service that is offered for people to watch cable television. It does involve the introduction of some cables to the home but is still considered a satellite service rather than a cable service or an antenna service.

Why can you not see Cartoon Network on your TV?

It is a cable channel. If you do not have cable then you cannot watch the network. Simple as that.

Which do you prefer...cable tv or satellite tv?

I prefer satellite tv. I have DirectTV service and many times they give free channel previews to watch around the holidays.

What are some benefits of cable television over satellite television?

The benefits of cable over satellite is mainly the contract. With cable you are not forced to sign a 1 or two year contract to be able to watch tv. You will not have wires hanging all around your home with cable which can be annoying. Another thing is you can watch the same cable in many different rooms without having to rent additional cable boxes for other tvs. For cable television, you need only the cable box to connect the coaxial cable from the wall to your television. With satellite television, you need the receiver as well as the dish. Cable television will generally continue to be viewable during inclement weather, while satellite television will often go out during storms. With satellite television, you may periodically need to replace or reset the dish, as it can be knocked from its position or damaged.

Where can you legally watch cable TV online for free?

You cannot legally watch cable televison online. You can watch individual shows at hulu and network websites.

Do today's tv need antenna?

The TV needs to be connected to something that provides the signal that you're going to watch. That can be a cable from your cable company, a satellite dish, an antenna, or just a DVD player if everything you want to watch is on DVDs.

Cable TV Providers?

form_title= Cable TV Providers form_header= Watch your favorite shows at home. What is your budget for cable service?*= _ [50] Do you want to bundle cable with internet?*= () Yes () No DO you want a satellite?*= () Yes () No

How do you get free Foxtel?

Foxtel is a subscription cable and satellite channel. There is no legal way to watch Foxtel (TV or Internet) without subscribing.

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