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Q: What can you write about the Champaran Movement and Mahatma Gandhi's role in it?
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Who write this slogan do or die?

Mahatma Gandhiji.

How do you write information in Punjabi about mahatma gandhi?


In which language did Mahatma Gandhi originally write his autobiography?

Gandhi's autobiography was originally written in Gujrati.

To whom did Mahatma Gandhi write for advice on diet and exercise?

Strongman Charles Atlas

How do you write a Hindi essay about life of Mohandas Gandhi?

mahatma gandhi was born on 2 october 1869.

Can you write a sentence with revere?

Mahatma Gandhi is a man to be revered, as, due to his grit and determination, India gained its independence.

What should you write for the conclusion of chipko movement?

write about what can we do to help.

What is To Write Love on Her Arms's motto?

To Write Love on Her Arms's motto is 'Love Is the Movement'.

HOW you WRITE 5?

you can write five in one movement. For one movement you start with the flag and go down to the bottom. or in two movements the two movement you draw the semi circle first with the line which connects to the flag and then the flag BUT THERE IS NO BIG DIFFERENCE

Write an essay on social movements?

FDR's New Deal, anything on Native Americans, Asian Americans, Women's Rights Movement, the "global warming" movement, "climate change", abortion movement, gay rights movement, and such.

Write a note on the khilafat movement?

Khilafat Movement (1919-1924) was a significant Islamic movement in India during the British rule. This was an attempt by the Indian Muslim community to unite together in support of the Turkish Empire ruled by the Khalifa, which was attacked by European powers. The Muslims considered the Khalifa as the custodian of Islam. They simply could not digest his dethronement. Under the leadership of prominent Muslim leaders, notable one being Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, they launched the Khilafat Movement in most parts of North India. The Khilafat Movement, aimed against the British government, received the support of Mahatma Gandhi, who related hisNon Cooperation Movement with it. The main objective behind this move was to enlist the support of the Muslim community into his movement, which addressed the issue of 'Swaraj' (Self-Government). By mid-1920 the Khilafat leaders assured full support to the non-violent methods of Gandhi, which facilitated the establishment of a united front of Hindus and Muslims against the British government. This combined force formed a major threat to the British rule. The Khilafat Movement however did not last long. Owing to some violent incidents in the country which resulted in the deaths of many Indian and British people, Mahatma Gandhi called off his Non Cooperation Movement. This was a major jolt to the Khilafat Movement. The movement received its final blow in March 1924, when the original Khilafat movement in Turkey was abolished following the Islamic country's conversion from a Sultanate empire to a Republic BY OSAMA TANVEER