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Q: What cancer causing agents transform normal cells into cancer cells?
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Cancer-causing agents that transform normal cells into cancer cells?

Carcinogens are any agent that causes cancer cells to form. These are normally foreign substances, radionuclides, or radiation that damage the genome or disrupt the cellular metabolic processes.

What is the relationship between DNA and cancer?

The relationship between Cancer and DNA cancer begins when mutations distrupt the normal cell cycle, causing cells to divide in an uncontrolled way.

What causes vulvar cancer?

Cancer is caused when the normal mechanisms that control cell growth become disturbed, causing the cells to continually grow without stopping.

How does Asbestos cause cancer?

Asbestos is causing cancer by inducing the mutations on normal body cells. Asbestos comes into body mainly through the respiratory system by inhalation.

What is normal cancer?

It is a cancer.

Why does cancer start?

This is as simple as it can be described. Cancer starts because cells in a part of your body do not grow and divide the way that they are supposed to. Cancer begins when when mutations disrupt the normal cell cycle, causing cells to divide in an uncontrrollable way.

Why is cancer harmful?

the cancer cell grow uncontrollably creating masses of cells called tumors. these tumors damage the normal healthy tissues around them. cancer cells can also break loose and spread throughout the body disrupting normal activities and causing serius medical problems or even death

Should you have Cancer?

No, Cancer is a mutation. It is not normal.

What does bladder cancer do to the normal cells?

Bladder cancer will force normal cells to divide uncontrollably.

How is colon cancer relate to mitosis?

the cells in your body mate or duplicate then they do the cycle over and over again which is normal its called mitosis but what causes colon cancer is that they move to your colon and digestive system which is still normal but they do it extraordinarily fast for your body causing a build up in your body

How are cancer cells different than normal healthy cells?

normal cells look the same, cancer cells are abnormal.

Is it normal to have a PSA of 1.6 and have prostate cancer?

PSA is just one indicator of prostate cancer. It is possible to have prostate cancer and have a normal PSA reading.

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