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What car has the best fuel efficiency?

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Car with Best Fuel Efficiency

Check out for yearly information on all US cars fuel ratings. Any hybrid car (Honda Insight, Toyota Prius) will have excellent fuel ratings. Also, turbo diesel engines by VW do very well. Both the VW New Bug and the VW Golf models with TDI engines get 42/49 for the last few years.

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  • I will submit that the Volkswagen Lupo TDi is the top in this category. Not sold in the US, the Lupo TDi gets around 95 mpg from its 3-cylinder engine. I'm not sure if it's got quite as much "oomph" as your average hybrid, but I'm sure that's better mileage than a hybrid would get. (Makes one wonder what kind of mileage a VW hybrid would get ... 150-200?)
  • The Honda Hybrid is said to get an extraordinary 650 miles to the gallon!
  • If by 650 you mean 65, you are correct. They get 600 or so a tank, but that's a whole tank, 10.6 gallons.

Hybrids have been proven to get poorer fuel economy than diesels in "real world" operation, especially in the relatively flat interior of Australia. Petrol hybrids are "in their element" in the cut and thrust of city driving, not on the open road.

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For Fuel Efficiency, a Prius.

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Fuel injection gives the best air to fuel ratio for best performance and efficiency.

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A car that runs on fuel cells only has a similar overall efficiency to a car that runs on petrol because a car that runs on fuel cells is designed to not pollute the Earth but you need renewable energy resources to generate the electricity which is like the efficiency of the petrol pollution. That was what I put on my homework anywayz. :)

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Websites like compares car with the best and worst fuel economy to help consumers determine the best car for them. Some good fuel efficient cars are 2009 Toyota Prius and 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid.

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check here

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