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That is a very broad question and is going to have a very relative answer. By broad I mean there are so many vehicles out there and they all have different seat so for one to make a statement saying this particular car has the most comfortable seats, means they would have had to drove every car on the market, and sadly I doubt you will find someone who has driven every car out there. Its going to be a relative answer anyway because each person is difference. Each persons driving position is different, and their level of comfort in those seats will depend on many variables, such as type of driving, driving position, height, weight, lumbar support, ect. The best answer anyone can give you is get out and test drive different cars to see which one has the most comfortable seating to you.

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There are many opinions about which cars have the most comfortable seats. Here are some opinions from the community:

  • I would recommend tha Cadillac Seville.
  • Volvo has the most comfortable seats I've sat in. Our Volvos are nine and ten years old each and the seats are still extremely comfortable.
  • Lincolns and Cadillacs float down the road and have seats that were as comfortable as any Fine Couch or Leather Chair in your living room.
  • A more economical choice for car comfort: the Buick Century. I drive the Buick on all long distance trips. "Comfortable" is the most often used adjective I hear from people who have rented the Buick Century on vacation.
  • You can buy custom seats for almost any car and have those fitted instead of the manufacturers seat. This is rare in the US, more common in Europe. When you sell the car you can take the seat out and replace with the original. Recaro is one make I know of. Some of these special seats have inflatable lumbar support, lateral thigh support etc. Against intuition the soft seats are usually not as good for long term comfort as a firm, supportive seat.
  • Another alternative, much cheaper is to buy a seat insert (I'm not sure what they are properly called??) that fits on the current seat and provides firmer seating, usually ventilation - and depending on model good lumbar and sideways support. Trucking web sites also have good info - those guys live in their seats and have to have the best.
  • There are many cars with "comfortable" seats out there but if you want the one make that stands out in my mind as head and shoulders above the rest, it is Saab. It is the only car I have ever driven where I would consider having its seats in my living room.
  • Buick LaSabre has always been our choice for comfort.
  • Audi S8 series.
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In my opinion, a Tesla Model 3 has the most comfortable passenger seat I've sat in.

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From my point of view BMW 520 series is the most comfortable passenger seats with no exhaustion for long travelling.

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Q: What car has the most comfortable passenger seat?
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