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One with good gas mileage.

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Q: What car should you get if you are trying to save gas?
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Does a toyota hybrid save on gas?

Yes, on average a Toyota hybrid will save on gas. Overall gas savings should be measured in comparison with a similarly sized car that is not a hybrid.

Why is car mileage important?

To save gas

What does the shape of a car have to do with the amount of gas it uses?

aerodynamics. a car can save A LOT on gas if it has good aerodynamics.

Is it better to turn a car off or let it run when trying to save on gas?

turn it off if it stands for more than a few minutes cars burn a lot of gas at idle

How do you save gas driving a steep hill?

You can save gas driving a steep hill by driving the car at a lower RPM.

Why should I purchase a new electric car?

The benefits of purchasing an electric car is that it requires no fuel, it is environmentally friendly, it requires no oil and will save you money on gas.

Do you save gas by using the electric car and if you do how?

no electric cars do not save gas but if u ride a cow around it will not cost anything.

Why should I buy a hybrid car?

With gas prices rising, a hybrid car can save you money in the long run. It is also environmentally friendly so you know you won't be polluting the atmosphere.

Should overdrive be turned on to save gas?

Yes it should, its very important.

Are there going to be any good electic cars 2012?

No, there are no electric cars in 2012. You should consider buying a hybrid car. They save a lot of gas.

Car cant start?

Put gas in the fuel tank or possibly a battery is needed? also more info would be helpful in trying to diagnois the statement.Or I should say the car.

What are some ways to save money on transportation with such high gas prices?

Gas prices are very high these days, so we always are looking for ways to save. Some great ways to save is by riding a bike when possible, or car pooling when you have to use a car.

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