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What is a palindrome for a very fast car?

race car

Why is race car is cools and fast then car?

to race, you have to be cool before your fast, then you have to get a car.

What is a palindrome for a fast vehicle?

race car

What company makes the Viper ACR?

The Viper ACR is a state-of-the-art car made by Chrysler featuring the latest race technology. The Viper ACR boasts front and rear spoilers that make the car super aerodynamic.

What is a palindrome for the sentence fast car?

race car

How fast does an average race car go?

It would depend on what type of race car.

In need for speed prostreet can i get a custom dodge viper in super promotion?

Yes, finish the first race day in super promotion (Challenge Race) and choose the Viper in the choose your Prize Car menu.

How fast does the race car Indy 500?

what race car won the indy 500 2014

What does very fast car in palindrome mean?

race car

What is a palindrome a fast vehicle?

race car

How fast can a race car go?

A race car can go up to 200 miles per hour.

Are there any cars that are palindromes?

Race car is a palindrome

What is a very fast car that is spelled forward and backward?

Race car.

What happens when a race car accelerates fast?

FUN. :)

How do you win a car race?

It takes a lot of skill to win a car race. It helps to have knowledge of racing, and a person should have a fast car.

What type is the analogy yellow is to lemon as fast is to fill in the question mark too?


What kind of car does Shawn race in the beginning of Tokyo drift?

Shawn drives a 1967 Monte Carlo. He is against the viper

If a car is fast is it a racecar?

No. It must be legally registered for racing to become a race car.

Palindromes for a a brand of a car?

A Toyota

Is the g6 gxp a fast car?

A g6 is not the fastest car in the world but it can beat many cars in a race so I guess it would be a fast car

How fast can a car go in reverse?

a race car about fift-60 mph a refgular car iwould NT go more thatn 30 for a reg car or race car if you do go fast in reverse i can be dangerouls u don't have as much control

Is a car considered a real race car is it is not used for racing?

Not at all, even if the vehicle was once used for any type of profesional racing does not make it a race car. Just because a car is fast does not make it a race car either. Even if the car is currently used for street racing, it is not legally a race car. Everybody wants to call their car a race car, but if you don't professionally race it then don't bother saying that it is a race car.

Can you go so fast that a speed camera can't see you?

Yes you can. It was done on Mythbusters, but I dont think your car has a jet engine on the back of it does it.

A race car accelerates from rest of 6 ms2 how fast will the car be going after 5 seconds?

A race car accelerates from rest at a rate of 6m/s^2. How fast will the car be going after 5 seconds?Answer: 1.2 m/s

Examples sentences of metaphor?

The child's wagon is a fast race-car