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What carburetor goes with a 18 r-c engine?

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rotory carb

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Which RC engine is more powerfull the TRX3.3 Nitro Rc Engine or the Savage XL 5.9 Engine?


How do pump diaphragm carburetors work?

The diaphragm carburetor is found on many small engines. These engines power everything ranging from lawn equipment, generators, and even RC aircraft. Unlike a conventional "float" style carburetor the diaphragm carburetor will operate regardless of its orientation, even upside down! The internal workings of a diaphragm carburetor are simple in design, but complicated in explanation and consequently lengthy to discuss.

What is the smallest nitro RC engine available?

The Cox .010 nitro engine

What age do you have to be to fly an RC jet?


for a small model car, what is the best size rc car engine?

The term RC refers to remote control or radio control, so an RC car engine is for these model controlled cars rather than a car that would be driven by people. You can find more information on an rc car engine here:

How do you tune a nitro RC car?

Mostly by engine temperature but also the sound of the engine.

How do you do a wheelie on an RC car?

You need powerful engine...

What is the best nitro rc engine?

The Nitro Rustler seems to be the best nitro RC engine on the market and is manufactured by a trusted brand name. With this engine, you can expect to see speeds of 50+ mph and it has excellent acceleration.

Do you have to do engine break-in for a gas powered RC car?

no. there is no breakin period for gas powered RC

How much is a pickachu RC car worth?


Were to buy nitros for RC cars?

If you mean an engine that runs on Nitromethane I think they are no different than the normal RC engine. the engines and the fuel can be purchased at most hobby shops.

How many peices are there to an RC Plane Engine?

The number of pieces for an RC Plane Engine vary on the model of the plane. Here's a link that you may find helpful:

Hoe fast does a beginners 18 infinitive 18 Nitro RC car go?


Will heat make an RC electric engine stall?

it may but most likely it will destroy the core of the engine.

What is the Ignition Points gap for a 1974 18 RC?


What nicknames does Ricky Carmichael go by?

Ricky Carmichael goes by RC.

Does a nitro RC car go faster or a gas RC car?

i have both and my nitro gas goes faster than the gas

What is the fastest RC car?

Traxxis xo-1 it goes 100 M.P.H.

How does a remote control car move?

This is a very complicated question because it depends on many things. For example of it is eclectic or gas. If it is gas, when you pull the trigger it transmits a signal to the receiver which relays the signal to a servo that pulls the carburetor open thus speeding up the engine. As the engine speeds up it throws the clutch out towards clutch bell. This makes the clutch bell spin and moves the RC. it is different for electric.

How do you start your RC petrol car?

You put the ignitor into the engine, then you pull the starter...

Can I swap powerplants, such as model engines in RC cars?

Yes many people swap engines in RC Cars. This can be done. This site teaches you how to replace the engine in your RC Car :

what is the most durable brand of RC car?

BRP 1/18 scale Mini RC Racers is the most durable brand of RC Car. They last for years even if you use them allot.

Can you put a RC car motor in a RC boat?

In theory yes you can. As long as the engine will fit in the boat, is waterproofed, and can be rigged to move the boats propeller.

Will a Honda xr500 81 RC pre rfvc model engine fit into a 83 model?

yes it will i have an 83 model with an 80 engine

How do you fix your car if the engine sounds like an electric RC car?

its a 2002 camaro