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What carburetor is on a 1999 Yamaha YZ 125?


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2007-12-09 18:43:13
2007-12-09 18:43:13

The type of carburetor on the 1999 Yamaha YZ 125 is Mikuni how ever the sub model is either VM TM or TMX


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No. According to the FMF website, the 99 and 04 YZ125 have different part numbers.

yz 85 cus its 2 stroke but if u modify the 125 enough the 125 is faster ya dinconpoop the ttr 125 is faster

yz 125 are considered a classic not an antique because of the technology put into it

The 04' Yamaha yz 125 puts out about a total of 33 horsepower.

Yes it will all yz125"s are the same from 96-2001 hope this helps :)

buy a Yamaha yz 125 if that's to slow for you

the Yamaha yz 125 i has the most horsepower and is the lighted filling on the track

1982 is the year and it is a Yamaha yz 125

NGK BR9EG is the correct plug for a 2001 Yamaha YZ 125

no im 6'2 and ride a Yamaha yz 85

Very unlikely. Check with your local Yamaha shop.

id go with the Yamaha or suzuki, but look into four strokes there better bikes

Not much. Except the graphix and the plastics. im not quite sure about the small changes, but over all. the yz 125 is a steal frame up until 2006, then they started making a aluminum framed bike. im almost positive that's your right answer

the proper gear oil for a 125 is yamalube 10w 30

The correct oil to gas ration for a 1996 Yamaha YZ 125 is 32:1. This means you need to use four ounces of oil for every gallon of fuel.

The OEM carb on a YZ465 is a 38MM Mikuni VM roundslide.

it probably wont line up correctly with the top end

with a little snipping there should be no problem. if you don't mind doing a little hand work. it's possible because i slapped 1999 yz 250 plastics on my 1990 yz 125.

350-1500 just depends on how it looks and what it has done to it.

No oil filter, the YZ125 is a 2 stroke.

the proper height is 5'5-5'6 or taller

There are a number of places where one can purchase a Yamaha YZ 125 depending on where one lives. These motorbikes can often be found in the Autotrader magazine or online site. One can also try sites such as Kijiji or Craigslist.

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