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Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon is only protected from cards that target it.

Non-targetting cards like Lightning Vortex, Smashing Ground, Torrential Tribute and Mirror Force can all destroy it.

It can be bounced to hand by Grand Mole, removed from the game by DD Warrior Lady, killed in battle using 'Honest', etc (None of these target it).

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Q: What cards can destroy 'Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon'?
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Is blue eyes shining dragon on of the most powerful cards in Yugioh?

No, it's hard to get out, and easy to destroy.

What is the password for the three god cards and the blue-eyes Shining dragon?

The god cards don't have a code. But the code for blue eyes shining dragon is 53347303.

How do you defeat a Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon with high ATK?

Cards like Megamorph, Limiter Removal, Metalmorph, and more can be equipped to Monster to boost their ATK above Shining Dragon. Smashing Ground, Fissure, Crush Card Virus, and other cards that do not target a Monster can be used to destroy it as well.

What are the best yugioh dragon cards to make an ultimate dragon deck?

blue eyes shining dragon

Worlds best monster card on yu-gi-oh?

blue eyes shining dragon because it can stop any cards at any time and it cant be destroy

Can 'Dark Hole' destroy 'Blue Eyes Shining Dragon'?

Yes since the effects of Spells, Traps, and Monsters can only be negated when they 'target' Blue Eyes Shining Dragon. Cards like Dark Hole do not target anything (a card targets when you pick what you will affect when you activate it).

Can lava golem sacrifice blue eyes shining dragon?

Yes, Lava Golem only requires Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon as a tribute. Lava Golem does not specifically target Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon nor is it an actual effect. Therefore, Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon cannot activate its effect where it negates and destroys cards that designates it as a target.

If skill drain was on the field and then blue eyes shining dragon was summoned..does skill drain cancell out the effect of blue eyes shining?

Blue-eyes shining dragon is effected even if he is summoned first, because he negates the effect of cards that "target" him, since skill drain doesn't target, but rather effects all cards on the field, blue-eyes shining is effected by it.

What cards can destroy blue eyes shining dragon?

Non-targeting cards can get rid of it, such as Lightning Vortex, Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, Bottomless Trap Hole, Smashing Ground. DD Warrior Lady can get rid of it, as can Neospacian Grand Mole. Honest can also be used against it.

Can you attack blue eyes shining dragon?

The card states to ignore the effects of spell trap and monster cards. so effect monsters cannot have their effects target blue eyes shining dragon, but all monsters can attack it.

Can blue eyes shining destroy a god card?

Neither of the two game-legal God cards have any protections against being destroyed by battle. If Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon's ATK has been raised high enough, then it can destroy Obelisk or Ra.

Does lightning vortex work on blue eyes shining dragon?

Yes it does. Lightning Vortex does not target. Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon's protective effect works only against cards that target, like Exiled Force.

Is judgment dragon destroy if it activate its effect by paying 1000 life points?

No it is not because it says "other cards on the field."

What cards come with Yu-Gi-Oh the movie?

the pyramid of light,sorcerer of dark magic,blue eyes shining dragon and watapon

What cards can help YUGIOH lightsworn decks other then lightsworns?

Honest, shining angel, judgment dragon, guardian angel joan, beconing light, monster regeeneration and revive cards like monster reborn.

How do you make a blue eyes shining dragon deck?

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon requires Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to be Special Summoned. Because of this, Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon is highly unpopular as it takes too many resources to successfully Special Summon it, coupled with the fact that its effects are none too great. However, dedicated "Kaiba-fans" recommend cards such as Future Fusion, Dragon's Mirror, and Cyber-Stein (Traditional Format only) to be able to bring out Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon for Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon. It is also recommended to add card protection such as Dark Bribe and Solemn Judgment to keep Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon on the field after the massive amounts of resources used to Summon it.For more suggestions with this card, click on the "Related Link" below.

Would Black Rose Dragon's effect to destroy all cards on the field still work if it is destroyed with Torrential Tribute?

When "Black Rose Dragon" is Syncro Summoned, the controller can choose to destroy all cards on the field. You can chain "Torrential Tribute" to the effect of "Black Rose Dragon", but the result is the same. The chain will resolve and "Torrential Tribute" will destroy all monsters on the field; but the effect of "Black Rose Dragon" will remain and the rest of the cards on the field will be destroyed. If you want to stop "Black Rose Dragon" from destroying all the cards on the field, "Black Horn of Heaven", Horn of Heaven", "Solemn Judgment", "Thunder King Rai-Oh" and "Royal Oppression" can negate it's Summoning and "Divine Wrath" can negate and destroy it when it tries to activate its effect.

Is blue-eyes shining dragon the best card in Yu-Gi-Oh?

There is no "Best Card" in Yu-Gi-Oh. It all depends on your play style. Many people could find better cards than a Blue-eyes Shining Dragon. But, others may prefer it. If you were going to duel with it i would recomend putting cards in your deck that can send cards (yours) to the grave so when blue eyes shining dragon comes it will be tons powerful. also when i duel with mine i usually use future fusion so i can summon it alot quicker than waiting to pick up 3 blues eyes.

How do you beat Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon?

To easily defeat Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, use cards that don't target a specific monster on the field (Dark Hole, Mirror Force, Raigeki, etc.), since that monster's effect states that it can't be defeated by card effects that target this specific card.

Can Savior Stardust Dragon negate the cards in the opponent's hand?

If an opponent activates a card effect from their hand, "Majestic Star Dragon" can negate and destroy it. For example, if your opponent activates the effect of "Honest" from their hand to boost their monster's ATK, you can chain to the effect with "Majestic Star Dragon" to negate and destroy "Honest" and its effect.

How do you defeat slifer the sky dragon?

Because there are no official rules for the Egyptian God cards, the only reliable way to destroy "Slifer the Sky Dragon" would be to destroy it in battle with a monster with equal or greater attack. This can be accomplished by using "Honest" while attacking/ being attacked by "Slifer", discarding cards from your opponent's hand to lower its attack, and more.

What instant magic cards destroy other cards?

Doing a very basic search there are over 100 cards that are instants that can destroy other cards. Are you after something specific?

What cards like Blue-Eyes White Dragon go with F.G.D and Dragon Master Knight?

These cards go with "FGD" and "Dragon Master Knight", but they are not all necessarily recommended to use because they have limited use, cards with better effects, etc. Those cards will be marked with a *. *Kaibaman Dragon's Mirror Future Fusion Lord of D. *Flute of Summoning Dragons King Dragun Polymerization Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon *Paladin of White Dragon *Black Luster Soldier King of the Swamp The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion *Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon The reason why some of these cards are marked with the * is because they can be replaced by "King of the Swamp" and/ or "The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion" for Fusions.

Is there such Pokemon cards as shining Pokemon cards?

Yes, like Yanma foil card. Answer By. Harrison

Blue eyes shining dragon weakness?

All cards that do not target (Ex. Mirror Force, Lightning Vortex, Fissure, Smashing Ground, Bottomless Trap Hole, Hammer Shot).