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What careers are there in music?

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Musical Careers

Careers for music could be playing an instrument, singing,or doing both at the same time. That is all Iknow of for music careers.

Music teacher

Tertiary lecturer in music

Making up jingles

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Career in music?

There are many different careers in music. Some of the careers include singers, song writers, music teachers and studio recorders.

What careers do not need math?

English and Music

Careers in music?

i think they get alot of money

Does music affect careers?

As Far As I Know No It Does Not Because If We Never Had Music Then We Would Have All Been Bored And Sad. Careers Don't Get Affected As You Need Music Throughout Your Life. I Hope That Has Answered Your Question.

What are the three main careers in music that do not involve performance?

Composing music. Record music in private studio. Teaching music. Studying music.

How old were the beatles when they started their music careers?


Are women allowed to pursue music careers in the Baroque Era?


Can you list 10 careers that can be found in music?

Some careers in music are singer, songwriter, record producer, recording engineer, and booking agent. Other jobs in music are DJ, session musician, background singer, and concert promoter.

Did ABBA like music or not?

They did, and still do. All four members of ABBA are still pursuing careers in the music field.

How many of bob Marley's children have music careers?

Damian and Ziggy Marley

What has the author Chris Newton written?

Chris Newton has written: 'Careers with music for graduates'

What are the release dates for Made in Hollywood Teen Edition - 2006 Music Careers 2-9?

Made in Hollywood Teen Edition - 2006 Music Careers 2-9 was released on: USA: 19 January 2008

Where can one find music production jobs?

One can find music production jobs at Careers at Guardian, Artists House Music, Music Production Guide, Career Advice at Monster, Majoring in Music, Music for TV and many more.

Where did rock music start?

Many rock musicians, such as Elvis, began their careers in Memphis, TN.

Music Management Education and Careers?

For musicians to be successful, they require someone to manage their careers. Music management schools teach the valuable skills required to successfully manage musicians or venues. Coursework teaches students about this unique industry and what's required to be successful in the music world. Whether you're an aspiring musician that wants to improve your career or just want to get into the music industry, a music management school can get you started.

Has ABBA ever had trouble during their music career?

There has never been a singer or group that has not had trouble with their music careers. Trouble-free careers happen only in the movies. Yes the group ABBA had their share of problems, which is probably why they have not been a group for over 30 years.

What has the author Jan Goldberg written?

Jan Goldberg has written: 'Careers in journalism' -- subject(s): Business, Journalism, Nonfiction, OverDrive, Vocational guidance 'Careers for Courageous People & Other Adventurous Types' 'Careers for Genuises and Other Gifted Types (Vgm Careers for You Series)' 'Green Berets' 'The C-130 Hercules (U.S. Warplanes)' 'Careers in Journalism (McGraw-Hill Professional Careers' 'Security guard' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Private Police, Security guards, Vocational guidance 'Great Jobs for Music Majors' -- subject(s): Protected DAISY 'Careers for Geniuses & Other Gifted Types' 'Julius Caesar (Zb Reads Trio Books)' 'Great jobs for theater majors' -- subject(s): Business, Nonfiction, OverDrive, Theater, Vocational guidance 'Real people working in communications' -- subject(s): Communication, Mass media, Vocational guidance 'Careers for Homebodies & Other Independent Souls' 'Opportunities in entertainment careers' -- subject(s): Music, Performing arts, Vocational guidance 'Careers for color connoisseurs & other visual types' -- subject(s): Art, Business, Design, Nonfiction, OverDrive, Vocational guidance 'Careers for Scientific Types & Others with Inquiring Minds' 'Careers for Homebodies & Other Independent Souls (Vgm Careers for You Series)' 'Careers for Courageous People' 'James Lovell' 'Great jobs for music majors' -- subject(s): Business, College graduates, Employment, Job hunting, Music, Nonfiction, OverDrive, Vocational guidance 'Careers for Homebodies & Other Independent Souls' -- subject(s): Business, Careers, Nonfiction, OverDrive

How did Taylor swift start her music careers?

She moved to Nashville and gave record companies her demo tapes.

What are some music careers?

Producer, Recording Engineer, Musician, Music Store Sales Person, Stage Hand (Roadie), Talent Agent. Tons of options.

What is the longest-running Australian TV drama that launched the acting careers of Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe as well as the music careers of Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia?

The TV show is "Neighbours."

Did the band The Flaming Lips break up?

No..... they are still together, making music, and touring. Although, many of the members have there own separate music careers, they are still very much a band .

How fast can you become a singer if im not discovered yet?

Singing careers, like acting careers, is 90% luck and 10% talent. How lucky do you feel? For most of us, keep your day job/stay in school and do music on the side.

What exactly is a musicologist and what kind of careers do they have?

"Musicologist" is loose term for someone who studies music. These may include people who study and analyse the music of great composers and/or specialise in music history. Other musicologists may specialise in music theory or the performance in a particular musical instrument.

What is the plural possessives of women careers?

The possessive form for 'careers of women' is women's careers.Example: When I entered the workforce, women's careers were limited.

Which careers do you get from goegraphy examplehydrologist?

some careers you can get from careers in geographt are: astronomer climatologist hydrology oceanographer