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Careers that require associates degree only are: computer specialist
dental hygienests dental assistant nurse(registered) interior decorator
fashion designer

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Q: What careers are there that require only an associates degree?
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Can you get a branch manager position with an associates degree in business management with no experience?

No, if you do not have any experience in the field you will most likely not be considered for the position with only an associates degree. Most companies will require a bachelor's degree.

If you graduate from a community college with a 4 year bachelors degree for dental hygiene is that bad?

No, many individuals change careers or career paths and pursue careers that may only require an associates degree. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and being that you already have an existing bachelor's degree it may even open other doors of opportunity for you within this field.

What job can get with an liberal arts degree?

A liberal arts degree may not provide you with the specialized knowledge required for some more lucrative careers, but it does provide you with the educational background for many careers that require only a bachelor's degree with no specialization.

What types of careers require only on the job training and not a degree or previous experience?

There are so many careers that I can't list them, the most exciting of which would be tattoo artist.

What jobs in the medical field require only an associates degree?

Some community colleges offer nursing and xray technologist programs that are only AS degrees.

What is the difference between an associates degree and a Bachelors degree?

The difference is an associates degree is a step below a bachelors. A bachelor's degree is a degree that will stand out on its own as being relevant and primary where as an associates degree will only be used as a reference for "just in case" moments.

What types of jobs can one get with an associates degree?

It really depends on the subject area of the associates degree and whether or not vacancies are available. In terms of educational qualification, an associates degree comes in between a GED and a bachelor's degree. Therefore, an associates degree holder would be picked before a GED only holder.

How much school do I need to be a nutritional therapist?

It really depends on the type of degree needed for the job you want. Some jobs may only require an associates degree which can be achieved in 2 years.

How much training do you need to become a Cosmetologist?

Some states only require a High School diploma or a GED, but in other states it is required to have an Associates Degree.

How long after an associate's degree does it take to earn a bachelor's degree?

Well an associates degree is a two year degree while a bachelors is four. Not all major will transfer from an associates to a bachelors. For example you can get an associates in nursing and go on later to get your bachelors and it only be about two more years. But if you have an associates in nursing and you want a bachelors in business. You will pretty much have to start over and most likely only your prerequisites will count toward your new degree.

Not All Good Jobs Require a College Degree ?

Many recent news stories have highlighted the fact that the majority of the jobs available today do not require a four-year college degree. Several in-demand careers require only vocational training school. Careers in such diverse fields as cosmetology, heating and air conditioning, medical assisting, and computer repair require less than a four-year degree. Future vocational training school students can check in their local area to see what other programs may be offered.

Why do many questionnaires only have 'some college' as an option for people who have an associate's degree?

I hate how some applications don't have "Associates Degree" as an option. If you have an associates degree and you are filling out an application like that, you should write "Associates Degree in ____" on the side. I think that shows pride in your achievements, and you deserve to feel proud of getting an associates degree. "Some college" does not mean "associates degree". Someone who took 2 college classes could check "some college", and you took about 20. I agree with the above contributor. Applications should have a designation for the completion of an Associates degree. An Associates degree shows completion. There are Associates degrees as an Registered nurse, in Technology, Educating, multiple Allied Health fields, and the list goes on, and on, and on. As stated above, if it were me I would make sure I indicated the Associates degree on the application. Viper1

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