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What cars were popular in the 1980's?


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Ford was the most popular


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They were invented in the 1970s, and they got popular in the 1980s.

Popular jobs in the 1980s included doctors and lawyers. Accountants, managers, and executives jobs were also popular in that decade.

they built them with all the knowledge they had

Darda cars are actually toy cars. They were manufactured by a Germany company, and enjoyed popularity in the 1980s and 1990s.

Dale Earnhardt, Sr., of Kannapolis became the best-known driver of the 1980s and 1990s.

AC/DC and U2 were probably the most popular.

A list of popular cars can be viewed from several different places. Some of the places in which a list of popular cars can be viewed are: Popular Mechanics, and KBB.

Black cars are the most popular.

its mainly build quality and engine output. a 1940s car with a 2 liter engine might have had 50bhp where as a 1980s car with a 2 liter engine might have had 80 to 90bhp. also later cars have more safety features and are far more reliable.

Apparently it was the 19th most popular name in the 1980s.

the most popular cars in the 80s were your mom

the Cadillac is one of the most popular cars in 1950

Chevrolet cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers are all popular Chevy cars that can be purchased. For example, the Chevrolet Corvette, Malibu and Sonic are popular Chevy cars.

Yes, cars were becoming popular in 1914.

Most cars have some aluminum in the structure, but for the most part, car bodies are sheet steel. The 1980s DeLorean was constructed from aluminum.

The first distributor less cars started appearing in the mid 1980s the last distributor being produced in about 1990

There were several popular cars in 1957. This included the Edsel, along with De Soto and Hillman. Other popular cars included the Pacer, as well as the Ford model T convertible.

Some popular models of Chevrolet cars include Camaro and Corvette. In addition, other popular models of Chevrolet cars include the Chevelle SS and the Malibu.

In the 1980s coca cola was just now a soft drink. back then `coca cola was a medicine that could cure headaches in seconds. But in the 1980s coke was the most popular drink in the U.S.

Fiero is quite easy to work on in comparison to other 1980s GM cars and much much easier than newer cars

The word Stoked became popular in the 1980s. Stocked means to be excited about something. It is an adjective and it first became popular in California.

i got a brand new pair of roller skates

I remember the Luv Buggy. Dont know who manufactured it.

The height of its popularity would be the early to mid-1980s.

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