What caste is surname chopra?

ChakravalChaupads;i.e. the clan who mastered in the art of playing chaupad ;as displayed by Shakuni during Mahabharat have been described as CHOPRAS.They were well linked with YARKAND<SAMARKAND<TASHKENT as well as Northern Yemen even prior to Treta yugh. Shakuni is said to be the father of Chaupad and hence Chopras are the clan as nearest to history is known.They were masters in the art revenue and are quite adept with this art by drawing arithmetical rectangles and squares by ancient time formulae of 3-4-5 ,straight on the ground and hence were best revenue masters time since immemorial.They were the most trusted of every empire , dewans of Rajas and lately father and son raja of Multan and majority of this clan were upper khatries under bharah ghara, and always well off till Britishers became deceptive of their nationalistic views.